Today’s question is about an energy shot powder…

Hi Coach. Have you ever heard of or tried an energy SHOT powder?

Hi there,

Before your email, no, I had never heard of or tried an energy shot powder. I’ve had energy drinks, energy shots, and energy drink powders (like FRS and Zipfizz,) but not a powdered energy shot.

Struck with curiosity, I set to find out what this might be… With a Google search I was able to find “Everyday Energy Shots,” apparently the only company out there selling energy shot powder, which they sell in bulk – a 60 serving bin for $45.

Am I in a rush to buy some? Nope. Am I surprised there is no one else marketing a product like this? Nope.

Here’s why:

  • I use energy shots very sparingly. I don’t want a lot around tempting me for no reason. Plus, 60 servings would probably last me 10 years!
  • Energy shots are convenient to buy at the store when necessary. Not hard to find.
  • I like to keep a couple in my car for emergency pick-me-ups. I’d rather have them individually sealed so they can stay in there for a long time, yet still be fresh and ready to drink if I want one.
  • The whole energy shot idea was to get an energy boost equivalent to a full-size energy drink without having to consume so much fluid. Well, you can take any powdered energy drink and mix it with 2oz water instead of 8-16oz. Ta-da, you just made your own energy shot!
  • Not to mention you really lose the convenience when you have to carry around a canister of powder and mix up each little shot you want.

Overall, this seems like a bad idea that was not subject to any market research before launching the product! Not only would I NOT recommend it for any endurance athletes or health-conscious individuals, I doubt the typical energy shot consumer will have any interest whatsoever.

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