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Ask Levi: Why Do I Blow Up When Hitting This Hill Climb?

Today’s question is about why you might be blowing up when hitting a tough hill climb, even if it didn’t happen last season…

okay man, quick question. i have been MTBing for around 4 years now. recently came home from school, felt really good off the bat and got into some 14-20 mph rides. yesterday and the day before, i feel a tad weak and i feel like the lactic acid just hits me up right when i hit the climb, this has never happened before.

what do you think it is? i really appreciate all the info you have on this site and if you could answer this question id appreciate that even more. thanks Levi, your the man!

Blowingup Bob

Hi Bob,

Perhaps you’ve been away at school and not riding quite enough during the Spring semester. Then you come home and jump into things like previous summers, riding like you didn’t take any time off over the past months. You have a good enough base after four years of training that you can do it for a little while without feeling like you’re overtraining, but it’s starting to hit you now.

Being in good shape, you can go out and ride at a decent pace and feel fine, even when worn down. That is, until you really turn it on, like when you have to power up a hill. I think hitting the hill is just pushing you over the edge. (Believe me, I did the same thing after my freshman year of college!)

A little rest (a few days of easy riding) and you should be all set.

But then you have to remember to ease back into everything! You don’t want to jump straight into all-out efforts or you’ll be feeling it on your next ride.

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