One annoying thing about clipless pedals is how hard it is to ride around in regular sneakers. It’s fine if you have an XC race bike and a townie on hand at all times, but that’s not always feasible.

So what do you do if you need to ride around on your race bike but still keep your feet on the pedals with regular shoes?

Those little plastic inserts? Those suck. They’re hard to put in and even harder take out, and sometimes they’re just as slippery as your pedals themselves.

So make your own!

skateboard deck clipless pedal platform

The best option is to use a skateboard and some old SPD cleats. I saw the idea at the Sooper-Genious blog, and I’ll admit, it’s a genius idea since the skateboard has grip tape and just the right shape.

Basically you take a skateboard and cut two pieces of it for the platforms. Then you mount some SPD cleats to each one, and viola, temporary platforms!

And remember, skateboards break all the time. So take a walk by the closest outdoor skatepark and look for a broken board. Chances are some kid left one there for the trash.

The full tutorial is here: Skateboard Deck Clipless Platform Pedals

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  1. My kid probably has a broken skateboard somewhere. When I find it I’ll give this a shot.

  2. Ya a great idea.
    Its good & safe for teenagers who do bike race at their school or in the playground near their locality ,as they are not so professional it would help them to maintain the grip on the pedals.

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