Mountain biking involves riding a fat-tired bike on dirt roads, singletrack, and over rocks and roots. The bikes are heavy-duty and commonly include both front and rear suspension (and sometimes 29″ wheels) to help you navigate difficult terrain with speed and comfort. You’ll get wet and muddy and have tons of fun!

Scroll down this page where I’ll cover all the skills you need to enjoy the sport and even some advice if you want to take part in MTB racing!

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Mountain Bike Basic Skills Tutorials:

Here’s the basic skills and riding advice you need to get started in order to stay safe and enjoy yourself. Please practice this before heading out to the tough trails!

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Mountain Biking Tips and Advice:

Here’s some practical advice for all mountain bikers that will make your rides more fun.

These articles cover miscellaneous topics that are still very useful. So much can happen when you’re out mountain biking, so there is a lot to learn if you want to be prepared.

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Mountain Bike Gear:

Everything you need to know about buying a bike and choosing the right gear for your adventure.

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Mountain Bike Racing:

Want to test your skills and fitness in cross country racing? Or even ultra-endurance events, stage races, and Super D? These tips and advice for racing your mountain bike will help you take the lead.

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