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How to Win a Huffy Toss

If you’ve ever been to some sort of mountain bike festival, you have probably witnessed the Huffy Toss. For the uninitiated, the Huffy Toss is an event where cyclists see who can toss an old Huffy the furthest. Here is how to win…

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Ask Levi: What Is A Good All-Around Mountain Bike Tire?

Let’s pick out a good all-around mountain bike tire for riding on the road, hardpack dirt, and occasional soft conditions…

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Ask Levi: Should I Have Two Wide Tires On My Bike?

Today’s question is about using different width tires on your mountain bike and why that might be a good idea…

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Pro Bike Check: Aaron Snyder of Scott MTB Team

I got a chance to catch up with pro mountain biker Aaron Snyder earlier this year and put together a little bike check so you can see what Aaron is riding these days as a professional mountain bike racer…

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Ask Levi: What is The Correct Mountain Bike Size For Me?

If you’re planning to buy your first mountain bike, you are probably wondering what size to get. The “what size bike for me?” question comes up over and over again, so here is the answer…

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Ask Levi: Which Cadence Is More Efficient for Mountain Biking?

When mountain biking, proper cadence is dictated by terrain. There is no hard and fast rule about how 90rpm is the most efficient cadence. Here is more information on this topic…

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How to Keep Your CamelBak Clean and Fresh

Hydration packs are extremely useful, especially for mountain bikers. You can drink conveniently without taking your hands off the bars, as well as carry a set of tools and accessories. But once the ride is over, things get tougher. Here’s how to clean the bladder…

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How to Upgrade Your New Mountain Bike

If you get a new mountain bike for around one thousand dollars, it will be a good bike, but you will probably want to upgrade some parts. Here is a guide on what to upgrade to get the best bang for your buck…

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5 Reasons Yoga Is An Absolute Necessity for Mountain Bikers

If you just like to mountain bike for fun, maybe you ignore the trend toward more core conditioning and flexibility training. Even if you race, maybe you think yoga is lame. But if you take a look at this list of yoga’s benefits for all breeds of mountain bikers, you might just change your mind…

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Ask Levi: Buying a Woman’s Starter Bike?

With gas prices on the rise and everyone wanting to get in shape and lose weight, bicycling has seen a rise in popularity. With that, I’ve been getting more questions relating to “buying my first bicycle.” Here are a couple questions relating to getting a woman’s bicycle…

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Riding In The Snow? Do It On a Ski Bike!

You can keep your studded tires to yourself! Heck, I don’t need tires or even a drivetrain! 😉 As you can see I’ve been sporting my wonderful Ski Bike this winter and I can’t get enough of it! This is basically a bike with skis instead of

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Home-Made, Pogie-Replacing Hand Warmers

Want to keep your hands warm and toasty but can’t find or afford proper pogies? Then break out some plastic jugs and duct tape and a little elbow grease! I found this great idea the other day over at the Bicycles and Icicles blog, which is full

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Want To Turn Your Tiny SPD Pedals Into Platforms?

One annoying thing about clipless pedals is how hard it is to ride around in regular sneakers. It’s fine if you have an XC race bike and a townie on hand at all times, but that’s not always feasible. So what do you do if you need

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A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Proper Front Disc Brake Cable Routing

Let me tell you a little story about properly routing the cable for your front disc brake… It all started when I purchased my Specialized Stumpjumper at Landry’s Bicycles. I was replacing a stolen bike in the middle of the NCCA collegiate racing season, which also happened

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7 Tips To Keep You Safe During Hunting Season (Orange Spandex Not Required!)

Deer season is fast approaching, and you know what that means – time to break out the fluorescent orange spandex! (If you are a mountain biker, that is.) As if riding in the woods was not dangerous enough to begin with, now we have to do it

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