Remember the days when you had to track all your workouts and food intake on paper? And you had to research calorie counts and do all your calculations separately?

Now, tracking your fitness has never been easier. You can do it all online. There are more helpful sites and apps than I can count. They do most of the work for you – as long as you’re doing the dieting and exercise, that is!

I’ve compiled this list of sites that help you track your workouts, fitness level, diet plan, calories, nutrition breakdown, and more, either online or with a mobile app on your phone. Most of them are completely free!

Want the whole list? Start scrolling down. Only need a specific category of site? Choose one from this list:


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Diet and Weight Loss Apps

Calorie Connect
Even without a membership, you can use the quick and easy search function – put in the name of a food, and it brings up calorie count and nutrition breakdown. Create a free profile and you can track your calories in your own food log. Also, track calories burned with an exercise log. Then you can generate reports and get graphs of your fitness level. I give it a thumbs up for being simple and easy, but almond milk wasn’t even on the food list, so I had to add it as a “custom food” in my account. Connect your calories at


Calorie reduced diets require a lot of information to perform optimally. In order to restrict caloric intake, but remain healthy, users of the diet must track their vitamin, mineral, and protein intakes with great care. Cronometer app aims to provide a complete solution for the smart dieter. Log your diet, exercise, biometrics and notes at

This one is extremely simple. You put your weight in (on the site or mobile app), then they track it on a simple graph. The name of the game is simplicity – all you do is track your weight. Nothing more. You can the embed the graph on your blog or forum signature, which is neat. Start graphing at

Slim Tracker
A very simple, mundane looking site, Slim Tracker looks outdated. Sure, it’s extremely easy to use… but at the same time, all it does is track calories. There is no fitness tracking, no fancy charts, nor any graphs. On top of that, you apparently have to build your own food database. That’s too much effort for me, but if you want, you can see the site at

People who track food achieve more than double the average weight loss and members lose weight 3x faster when doing it with friends. FatSecret combines these to create the most powerful solution for healthy, sustainable weight loss. The app is 100% free and you can sign up at


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Fitness Tracking Apps

Fitness Journal
This one looks a lot like the popular FitDay, but it also lists features such as group challenges (if you add friends and coworkers,) maps, and running shoe mileage tracking… and starts at $3.95 per month. It’s cool that there are so many features, but I believe I’ve seen all of them for free elsewhere. Just combine FitDay or MyFitnessPal with MapMyRun and you should be all set. Take a peek at to learn more.

Traineo bills itself as a free and intuitive weight loss application that offers effective exercise and diet tracking tools, plus social networking for community support. I signed-up for this back in 2008, but I never got that into it. It just doesn’t seem as intuitive as MyFitnessPal. Browse through to see what you think.

Changing Shape
Putting their own spin on things, Changing Shape is set up to provide an online personal trainer along with a daily nutrition plan. And yes, you can email them with your questions. They have some free resources, although nothing impressive. I wouldn’t sign up for it, but if their personal trainers that advise you are any good, it might be worth the money (it starts at $29.95 for a 3-month plan.) Decide for yourself at

My Fitness Journal
This is another free fitness journal that lets you track food, exercise, and measurements. It includes a nutrition facts database, too. It sounds useful, but I’m not impressed with the interface. Worse, the black/gray color scheme makes me tired and unmotivated. No mobile app. See and you can form your own opinion.

FitConnect is social networking and fitness tracking in one. I reviewed it years earlier, and it was definitely a good community to be part of. I’d say the focus is more on the community than the results tracking features, though, so keep that in mind. I’m also not sure if site development was halted, or if the community is what it used to be, so you might want to find a more actively maintained site for tracking your fitness. Connect with other fitsters at

The Daily Plate
Now known as “MyPlate,” The Daily Plate has been integrated into I preferred it before the change over to, but it’s still a nice site (with mobile apps of course,) and it still allows you to track calories and exercise. The food database is excellent – it even includes pictures of the food. The interface is “busy” and lacks the ease of use of FitDay, but it’s a good option nonetheless. The site can still be found at

Though it lacks the panache of a FitDay or MyFitnessPal, FitWatch offers diet and fitness tracking, goal setting, stats tracking, and charts and graphs of your progress and results. Check it out at

My Food Diary
My Food Diary looks awesome, and it has garnered some rave reviews in the press thanks to top-notch fitness, diet, and weight loss tracking. What’s the catch? It’s $9/month. That’s more than double the price of a premium FitDay account. I don’t know if it’s that much better that it justifies the cost. Visit to see if it’s the right diary for you.


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Apps For Cyclists, Runners, and Multisport Athletes


This is a free app to track your runs, in conjunction with your iPhone or Android device. It tracks via GPS, then allows you to see stats detailing your pace, distance traveled, workout time, and calories burned. See for the download links.

A quick and easy way to track your runs that also tracks your mileage per pair of shoes. It’s easy to use and offers neat specifics like adding a warmup, intervals, and cooldown into your workout breakdown. It’s not too fancy, but it does offer public or private settings, and it works! I recommend it for runners. Visit to sign-up.

Progress Log
Track cycling, running, and swimming workouts in one place. However, it’s just a simple site built by one guy, not a huge business. I bet it’s too simplistic and outdated for most multisport athletes today (who would likely prefer TrainingPeaks.) Take a look at

Winning Stats
A free website for athletes and coaches to monitor individual, multisport/triathlon, and/or team fitness routines. I like how it helps athletes and coaches stay in touch by creating teams. It takes some getting used to. I’d stick with other options unless you need all these different sports in one place. You can try it out at

A sports diary powered by Suunto (a Suunto HRM is not required, but it helps.) What they’re going for reminds me of TrainingPeaks, but more inclusive to Suunto users. It’s great if you use a Suunto; otherwise, go with TrainingPeaks. Take the tour at

Unlike other cycling logs that just record the data, the EyeBike cycling logs will help to determine patterns of why you performed the way you did, thanks to the cool color-coded calendars. You can track it all online as well as download spreadsheets of your data. Looks like fun! See for examples.
A simple website that tracks your bike rides for time and mileage. I started using this back in 2005 and loved it, but competitors have come a long way since then, with the likes of Strava taking over. If you prefer a simpler, low-tech approach, this is a good one. Join at

Like BikeJournal, this is an online diary to track your bikes and rides which looks a bit outdated. This site is slow to load, which scared me off. Find out more at

Velo D
This is a fun looking “social cycling diary” I just found this year. It’s a neat site, but it could use some refinement. Give it some time to improve, then go check it out. It’s free. Get involved at


There’s no way around it – Strava is totally awesome and addicting. It’s free, too (though you can opt to pay for premium access.) Use it with any GPS device, even an iPhone thanks to their free app. It track your workouts, plots rides on maps via GPS, keeps track of route and hill climb leaderboards, and other super neat stuff. Sign-up now at so you can upload your rides and see where you rank.

Training Peaks
This is a totally awesome site with tons of features – an excellent choice for endurance athletes. It’s free to start and use, although you can also integrate paid training plans and upgrades with it (if you go for the $19.95/month subscription.) It integrates with all sorts of apps like Run Tracker as well as your Garmin GPS. Yes, it will take some time to figure it out, since it’s just so advanced and full-featured, but it’s worth it. Visit to begin.


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Best Overall


FitDay is downright awesome. It’s an interactive site for recording food/nutrition and exercise activity logs, and you can log your mood as well. Create goals and see progress, and browse the articles and forums for advice and support. Do it online or on your phone with their mobile app. It’s free forever, but you can pay for premium service ($4.16 / month) to get rid of ads and access advanced features. An excellent choice! Start getting fit today if you visit

My Calorie Counter

A free online diet journal and calorie counter, My Calorie Counter allows you to track diet and exercise, or calories in and calories out. It’s a good looking site that’s easy to use and pretty darn cool. A nutrition facts database is included. It’s similar to MyFitnessPal and even has mobile apps. You’ll have to try this one yourself – at – and see if it suits your fancy.


MyFitnessPal is superb. It tracks everything, displays beautiful graphs and charts, costs nothing, offers mobile apps, lets you add friends, and so much more. This has to be my #1 recommendation overall! Test it out at to see why I like it so much.


Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! (And I’m sure I’ve missed some, so please point those out in the comments, too.)

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