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I love getting new gear, but there are two problems. First, it’s expensive! Second, I don’t have a whole lot of storage space, so if I’m getting new stuff, I’ll have to get rid of something older to make room!

Ideally, getting rid of older gear can partially fund the purchase of the new gear!

There’s eBay, which has a huge audience of buyers, and Craigslist, which can easily connect you to local buyers. Of course, each has its own pros and cons. So I’m going to try out a new service called Gear Trade and see how it goes!

Why try

The #1 reason I’m trying Gear Trade is that there are no listing fees. Essentially, you can’t lose.

The #2 reason is that it could potentially reach a new audience that I wouldn’t with eBay. (And with the site aimed solely at outdoor enthusiasts, you’d think there would be fewer scammers sneaking in.)

The #3 reason is that, despite being a newer site, it has a lot of the features the bigger sites have – an “ask seller a question” section, “make an offer” option, ability to upload tons of photos, etc..

Of course, there are a few drawbacks…

What you save on listing fees will be negated by the flat fee of 12% when your gear sells. 12% is quite a bit. (They handle the sale and payment collection, though, so it’s not outrageous compared to getting bombarded with eBay and PayPal fees.)

The bigger drawback, to me, is how long Gear Trade holds the money. You’ll be waiting 1-2 weeks after you ship your gear, before they cut you a check. As a seller, I prefer to get the money upfront.

And as mentioned earlier, it’s nowhere near as well-known as eBay, so there’s a smaller audience.

That said, let’s get started…

How To List on (Video)

Watch this short video to get an idea of what Gear Trade is all about:

Follow Along As I Create a Listing on

First thing’s first – what can I sell? In an effort to keep things simple, I’m going to list a sleeveless t-shirt I bought at the end of the summer and never actually wore.

Next, take pictures. Good pictures! Seriously, if you want to sell something, put some effort into the photos. I didn’t do a great job on this part, but hey, it’s just a t-shirt!

Before listing, I went to and clicked “Sign Up” in the main menu. To create an account they just need your name and address, username and password, and a verified email address.

(You can fill out the “sell your gear” form first, and they’ll prompt you to sign-up at the end, but I always like to play it safe and have the account created beforehand.)

Once you verify your e-mail, click “Sell Your Gear” and you’re presented with a big form to fill out. Here’s a summary:

  • Upload pictures
  • Write a title
  • Tell a story about your gear
  • Choose category, brand, size, condition, etc.
  • Set a price
  • Choose shipping option
  • Submit the listing

geartrade site screenshot

My first gripe is that photos are added one at a time, which is a pain when you have more than one photo. They should allow a bulk upload.

After that, though, it was smooth sailing.

geartrade site screenshot

The title is extremely important, so they give you a little pop-up reminder to make it good. There are also tips in the sidebar, so pay attention to those for helpful hints to make your listing the best it can be.

geartrade site screenshot

For the “story” (otherwise known as an item description,) you fill out the text box. To make your listing easy to read, make use of the visual editor and use bold, highlighting, bulleted lists, etc..

Next, choose a category and fill in the item details like brand and size. This should be simple; the only foreseeable problem is when you’re selling something from a manufacturer not already in their database.

geartrade site screenshot

They’ll suggest a price based on the item’s retail price (which you enter) and the condition of the item. It’s a good starting point, but don’t feel obligated to take their suggestion.

I chose the decreasing price option, simply because I’ve never seen that before. What they do is, decrease the price by 1/365 each day between your ideal price and your lowest price. I’d be careful with this, since it’s not like a ton of people are going to be competing for your item right off the bat. But in my case, my item’s price will decrease by about a half cent per day, so I’m not concerned.

geartrade site screenshot

The last step is to choose a shipping option. I chose to keep it simple and use a flat rate for USPS, but use whatever you are familiar with. (Prices and policies are always changing, so I’m not going to make a recommendation.)

At the end you can click the “List Your Gear” button. If you don’t have an account, they’ll prompt you to create one. (If you already have an account, they may ask you to sign-in again.)

geartrade site screenshot

Once they list it, they’ll prompt you to share the link on Facebook. Sure, this could help you, but it’s mostly free advertising for them. (If you were planning on selling to a Facebook friend, just post the item on your wall or post a Craigslist ad and link that. Don’t pay a 12% commission when you basically found the buyer yourself.)

And here is my listing:

That would be the end, but I realized I made a mistake. I originally listed the shirt as a tank top, but then I realized it’s not. It’s a sleeveless shirt. Unfortunately, you can’t edit from the listing itself. You have to go to “my account,” then “items for sale,” then click “edit.” So it’s three clicks away from your item page when it should be one.

A minor complaint, but it shows that Gear Trade could use a little polishing still.

Another thing that would be neat is if you could connect some other online feedback profile, or even a Twitter account, to your listings. That would give you a jump start on feedback and help you appear more trustworthy to buyers.

All in all, not a bad experience.

See for yourself – click here to list an item on

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Reviewed by: Coach Levi
My Rating: 3.0 out of 5
Date last updated: 2013-11-14
Obtained Product: Free to list. Advertiser: Yes; paid affiliate.

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