nashbar black friday sale

As of this morning, I almost have my Christmas shopping done for one person. But hey, it’s not even Black Friday yet. So instead of actually doing any shopping, I’m going to procrastinate even more by writing a poem.


A Visit from St. Nashbar
by Coach Levi

‘Twas two weeks before Black Friday, when all over the Net,
cyclists were already shopping, going deeper and deeper into debt.
Their lists of family and friends to buy for were quickly forgotten,
once the cyclists caught a glimpse of all Nashbar’s bargains!
Being just 5 AM, their spouses were not yet on guard,
making it all too easy to pay using the family’s credit card.
They figured they could make up for it later with a nice bottle of wine,
while still knowing that come Black Friday, they’d be the ones standing in line.


If you want to get ahead on your Black Friday shopping (even ahead of the people going out at 6PM on Thanksgiving Day,) check out – they are already running their “Pre-Black Friday” deals.

If you’ve never shopped at Nashbar before, read my review beforehand, and you’ll see I’ve been very happy with them for many years now.

Just remember to still do the rest of your Christmas shopping before it’s too late!

Advertising Disclaimer
This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own, although I did borrow some rhymes from Clement Clarke Moore.
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