Here are some cool t-shirts that show you support cycling, the environment, and your health. Some of these are especially good with Bike to Work week coming up! These are all small operations run by cyclists or health-conscious individuals, so I’m sure your money would go to a good cause.

I plan to rock some of these shirts in my summer wardrobe!

one less car t-shirt

1 Less Car

For each cyclist on the road, that’s one less car causing traffic jams and polluting the environment. If you are “one less car” then this is the shirt for you.



ban trans fats t-shirt

Ban Trans Fats

While trans fats only affect those who consume them (there’s no second-hand trans fat,) the obesity epidemic brought on by these terrible fats could very well affect the nation. Show your support against unhealthy trans fats with this funny “Don’t partially hydrogenate me” t-shirt.



dopers suck t-shirt

Dopers Sucks

Are you sick of all the dopers in professional cycling? Yes? Then show the dopers they’re not welcome by sporting this “Dopers Suck” t-shirt. The message is short and sweet, but it sure gets the point across.



zero per gallon t-shirt

Zero Per Gallon

Gas prices are on the rise, but there’s one thing we can do to ease the pain (besides driving hybrid cars.) We can ride bikes! Bikes are rumored to get 3,000 miles per gallon, which, according to this t-shirt, equates to about 9/10 of a cent per gallon.


P.S. Let me know your favorites in the comments!

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  1. I like the “0.009/10” shirt.
    simple, but gets the point across.

  2. I think that’s my favorite too. The “one less car” is real close, though.

  3. I don’t care how many miles per gallon I might get, I’m still not drinking any gas.

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