Today’s question is about finding the easiest road pedal to unclip from…

Hi Levi. i was wondering what pedal is it easiest to disengage from. i’m currently using look keo sprint pedals and even in the lowest setting i still have a hard time specially with emergency stops. thanks!


Hi Dis,

I use the Look Keo Sprint myself and love them. Most road pedals out there (Look Keo, Shimano SPD-SL, Time, etc.) are going to give you a similar release.

My #1 piece of advice here for anyone having trouble with clipping in or out: Practice!

Of course, make sure your shoes and cleats are set up properly. If you are using worn out or damaged cleats, you’re bound to have unnecessary problems!

But to answer your question…

I’ve heard that the Look Keo Classic pedals have an easier release, as they’re cheaper and aimed at beginners. I haven’t used them myself so I can’t say if it’s a worthwhile switch.

What might be worthwhile is trying the Speedplay pedals. Speedplay Zero pedals are rumored to be some of the easier pedals to engage and disengage from. You can even get a Speedplay “Light Action” pedal designed to be extra easy to use.

Speedplays can be a great choice, especially for a new rider who hasn’t adapted to a different style of system. Just be careful if you switch from Look pedals, because the way you move your foot to clip in is slightly different.

Finally, if you want to get a much easier entry/release, switch to a mountain bike cleat, such as Shimano SPD or Crank Bros Eggbeater cleats. You can get road-style pedals that use these cleats, so you get the ease of clipping in and out, but retain the larger platform of a road pedal.

Example pedals include the Shimano A530 and the Crank Brothers Quattro, although it seems the Quattro is discontinued these days. You might not have much choice there, but I’ve used the Shimano A530 on a friend’s bike before and they worked fine.

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  1. I recently switched from Look to Speedplay Zeros and love them, but they are not easier to get out of, and that is part of the reason I like them. The Speedplay “light Action” pedal may be a different story but I have no experience with them.

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