If you regularly carry your bikes on a roof rack, but also park your car in a garage, you’re probably paranoid about driving into your garage with the bikes still on the rack!

If you’re on the internet, chances are you have seen pictures of $5,000 road bikes bent in half, courtesy of the garage door. So your worries are perfectly understandable.

And if you ever quit worrying, well, that will be the day you drive into the garage without thinking!

But you can put your mind at ease without sacrificing your bikes if you try one of these three ways to prevent that dreaded collision between your bikes and garage door opening:

1. Keep the Garage Door Opener Remote Out of Reach.

If you have your garage door remote right in the driver’s seat, you’ll probably hit the button to open it and drive right in like normal.

So if you put the bike on the roof, put the garage door opener in the back of the car. Then you’ll have to stop the car, get out, and walk around the back to grab the remote. At this point, you should realize the bikes need to come off the roof!

You could even leave the remote in your seat bag or Camelbak for an even bigger reminder.

2. Tape a Reminder Note On the Garage Door Opener Remote.

Find a picture of a broken bicycle and tape it onto or beside the remote. Or onto the dashboard.

Preferably, you would do this in a way that forces you to look at the picture before hitting the button. If the remote is clipped to your visor and you hit the button by memory, a little picture won’t break the habit.

3. A “Stop! If You Are Carrying a Bicycle” Sign.

If a little picture on the remote isn’t good enough, make a large warning sign that goes on your garage door or right inside the garage (as long as it’s clearly visible.)

It could say “Stop! If You Are Carrying a Bicycle” or “Do You Have Bikes On Board?”

As long as you notice it before you drive the whole way into the garage…

Bonus Tip: Use Sidewalk Chalk.

If you have a paved driveway and only need a temporary reminder about the bikes, use sidewalk chalk to write yourself a message. You could draw a picture of a cyclist and the word “Stop!” (Just don’t write “Allez!” or “Go!”)

Just remember that this would need to be done before every outing, and it would not be useful on a rainy day.

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  1. Yes, I too have finally had my bike and roof rack ripped from the top of the car. Luckily I was not driving but did tell my wife to park in the Winter Park parking garage despite written warnings. Bike was unharmed, rack is a mess. Next up – hitch mount.

  2. @Steve

    Yeah, the hitch rack is my preferred way of solving this problem.

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