This page consists of exercise tutorials, training techniques, and workout ideas for all endurance sports athletes. Most are aimed at cyclists, but they’ll work equally well for runners, triathletes, and xc skiers. If your training regimen does not include these types of workouts, at least in the off-season, you are shortchanging yourself!

And of course, we cover the basics of cycling training, including heart rate training, power training, and more.


Cycling Training Plans & Principles

These are the basic principles that will shape your training schedule and your day-to-day training activities.

Need help crafting your own training plan? Here are some tips and samples. You can also order a Semi-Custom Cycling Training Plan from Coach Levi.

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Measuring Your Training

The world of heart rate monitors and power meters. (Plus, keeping a training log.)

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Offseason Training (Dealing with Winter Weather, or Taking Your Training Indoors)

Hate offseason training? Then you need these tips, tricks, and programs for your off-season (winter) training to improve your fitness and prevent boredom.

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Strength Training for Cyclists (Off-bike Workouts)

These are categorized collections of off-bike exercises that are great for your off-season training. Each section includes a list of recommended exercises, instructions, photos, and video.


Training Plans and Workout Program DVDs

Here are my thoughts on some popular workout programs, books, and DVDs, and how they can be applied to your type of training and goals.

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FREE 5-Day Nutrition Coaching Course

I highly recommend enrolling in this totally FREE 5-part video series from Dr. John Berardi, one of the sharpest minds in sports nutrition and fat loss. You'll discover how to create a nutrition plan and follow through on it!

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