Bacon can be a royal pain in the butt. Standing over the frying pan, watching and flipping, getting scalded by hot grease flying everywhere… only to end up with clumps of bacon where some ends are burnt and some are still soft.

Not to mention the clean up!

But did you know it can be one of the easiest breakfast foods to make?

It is, if you bake it in the oven.

It’s extremely easy!

You will need:

  • Rimmed baking pan
  • Bacon

That’s it. Bacon and something to put it on.

Just make sure it’s a rimmed baking pan and not a flat baking sheet, since there’s going to be a little grease.

You can use either a nonstick pan or a regular one lined with parchment paper. That makes for easy clean up.

Ideally you’ll have two baking pans, which will allow you to cook a whole pack of bacon at once!

How to do it:

cold bacon on baking pan

1. Line up the bacon slices in the pan.

Just make sure they don’t overlap. Otherwise, anything goes.

bacon going in oven

2. Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.

I just let it go all 20 minutes since I like it crispy. If you like it less crispy, check it after 17 minutes to see how crispy it looks.

Otherwise, you don’t have to do anything. Just let it bake. Flipping is a waste of time, lets heat out of the oven, and is entirely unnecessary.

[Note: That means, once it’s in there, you have 20 minutes of free time to prepare the pancakes or waffles or scrambled eggs!]

cooked bacon on baking pan

3. Remove bacon from oven.

When it’s done, take it out. Look at how perfect the finished product looks! It’s all uniform. Every piece should be equally cooked to perfection.

Use tongs to transfer the bacon over to a paper-towel covered plate. Use more paper towels as necessary to soak up excess grease above or below stacks of bacon.

cooked bacon on plate

4. Eat.

Eat and enjoy your bacon!

*For the photo shoot, I was cooking turkey bacon.


What’s your favorite way to use your baked bacon?

I like to eat a few slices plain, mix some into scrambled eggs, and save some to put on sandwiches later. If I have the ingredients, I’ll also make a bacon sweet potato hash!

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  1. My idea is Hormel microwave bacon. Three minutes. No muss-no fuss. Yum.

  2. Step 5

    Clean The Oven


  3. @Parker

    When it comes to convenience, that’s certainly a great choice.


    Very true! It’s better than getting grease all over the walls though.

  4. I like to make Bacon-stuffed Bacon.

    I will have to try Oven-baked Bacon-stuffed Bacon.

  5. @DaQuan

    I like to stuff my oven-baked bacon with some pan-fried bacon. Or I’ll do some bacon-wrapped bacon on the grill.

  6. I’m so glad I came across this! It’s my new favorite way to make bacon for myself and others. Thanks for sharing!

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