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How to Carry Food and Water During a Triathlon

Cycling jerseys are great inventions. It’s so convenient to fill the back pockets with food, bike tools, CO2 pump, etc. Then there are triathlon jerseys, with maybe one small pocket in the back. Here’s how to carry stuff during a triathlon…

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Ask Levi: What is the Difference between a Road Bike Shoe and a Triathlon Shoe?

You may be wondering if it’s worth it to get a triathlon shoe or if your regular road bike shoes will work for the occasional triathlon…

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Ask Levi: Any More Mixed Sport Training Advice?

If you will be competing in a triathlon, especially a run/kayak/bike tri, “brick workouts” are vital. Here are my tips on brick workouts…

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10 Quick Tips to Conquer a Run-Paddle-Bike Triathlon

Are you thinking about doing a run-paddle-bike triathlon? It’s a great idea, but make sure you are ready for all that running, paddling, and biking in the same day. Here are some training and racing tips to get you through it all.

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NeverReach: The $99 Water Bottle

What you are looking at is called the NeverReach, which is more than a giant water bottle – it’s actually a “frame mounted hydration system.” It consists of a large water tank that fits behind your saddle, with a tube that runs from the bottle to your handlebars, ending with a bite valve. That means you can carry a lot of water and drink it easily, not having to fumble with normal water bottles.

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