levi doing an upside down wheelie

When you think of cross training, you probably think of skiing, basketball, plyometrics, kayaking, or something like that. But did you ever think of BMX biking?

I did lots of freestyle BMX before getting into mountain bike racing, and I know that played a huge role in my technical riding (and jumping) ability. Best of all, it helps you avoid wrecks!

All cyclists could benefit from the improved balance and maneuverability that comes from BMX. If you don’t want to get crazy, do some “flatland.” That’s where you ride your bike in a parking lot and do lots of creative tricks. It’s relatively safe and requires extraordinary balance.

To get some ideas, take a look at this huge flatland video collection. And then grab a BMX bike and go! Anyone who makes fun of you for riding a “kids bike” would probably fall over if they hit a rock or a wet leaf!

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