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How to Get The Most Out of Your Books

Do you have a collection of books sitting around collecting dust? If they’re encyclopedias or history books, sure, let them get dusty and yellow. But you need to keep turning the pages of your training and racing books to get the most benefit!

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Cyclo-Core DVDs Or Cyclo-Club Downloads?

Now that you have seen Cyclo-Club and everything it has to offer, you might still have a few questions. One that I had to ask myself was “what is the better deal, the Cyclo-Core DVDs or the free video downloads in Cyclo-Club?”

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Intense Workout Plans Can Get Complicated!

Getting back to my “Susquehanna Experiment” weight training program, it only took a couple practice sessions to realize that low-volume, high-intensity training programs can get pretty complicated. And it only took a couple reps to see how hard it is! Here are my thoughts on some parts of the routine…

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Transform Yourself From Scrawny Cyclist Into Ripped Stud: Here’s How

The time has finally arrived… after some careful preparation I’m starting my workout experiment to gain 34 lb of muscle in 4 weeks! (Check that post for all the background info…) All these weight lifting guides are “experiments” so I’m calling this The Susquehanna Experiment. The experiment

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3 Climbing Mistakes Most Cyclists Make

Climbing is the most prestigious part of cycling, and for good reason – it’s freaking hard! Climbing to the top of an Alp (or two,) or just staying with the pack to the top of the “local monster” is a challenge. So I thought you might interested

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Crazy Roller Riding – No Hands, One Leg!

This is the craziest roller riding video I’ve ever seen. As if it’s not hard enough to ride no hands or one foot on rollers, this guy decides to ride with no hands and one leg! It’s insane! I think the hardest part is clipping back in

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Boost Your Leg Power With The Nike SPARQ Parachute Trainer

Want to boost your leg power? Nike has just the ticket: It’s called the Nike SPARQ Parachute, and it’s one that you wear while running to create extra drag – kind of like the brake parachute on a drag race car. I wouldn’t recommend using it for

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How To Gain 34 Pounds Of Muscle In Just 4 Weeks

Tim Ferriss, author of The 4 Hour Workweek, (a great book, BTW) has a lot of health and fitness advice on his blog. I’ve posted about some of his stuff before, and I’ll take it a step further today. We’ll start with the craziest post I’ve seen:

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Want To Make Any Exercise Harder? Try It On An Exercise Ball!

If you were a normal human, that headline probably would have made you run for cover! But since you are one of those crazy exercise addicts they call cyclists, you’re excited about making your hard exercise routine even harder! It’s quite simple to make almost any exercise

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Coach Levi’s Complete Guide to Off-Season Training for Cyclists

Well the time has finally arrived! Today is the official launch of my new book, The Complete Guide to Off-Season Training for Cyclists. The concept is similar to my free report, An Introduction to Off-Season Training for Cyclists, but it goes much deeper and reveals more secrets.

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Working Out Without Going Outside: An Introduction to Off-Season Training for Cyclists

Ready to transition to the off season? Then you might like (or fall in love with) this special report I prepared that will show you how to get the most benefit from your off-season training. This report covers indoor riding options, including the pros and cons of

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Unconventional Cross-Training

When you think of cross training, you probably think of skiing, basketball, plyometrics, kayaking, or something like that. But did you ever think of BMX biking? I did lots of freestyle BMX before getting into mountain bike racing, and I know that played a huge role in

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How to Determine Your Sweat Rate

Here’s the basic formula to determine your sweat rate, so you know how much fluid you need to consume to stay hydrated.

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The New 2006 Training Log System

Ever use paper and a 3-ring binder to keep track of your training? I did. Back in 2002 and 2003 when I was getting started with training and food logs; every night I grabbed my pen and started writing. It was a nice way to reflect on

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What To Do About Food and Training Logs

Ever had a perfect day of riding or racing where you felt strong the whole time? Maybe you bonked one day? Or maybe you are at a plateau or suffering from overtraining syndrome? Well, food and training logs will help you keep track of all this. By

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