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What a Typical Training Week Might Look Like

Here is an example training week that a cyclist may include in their training program. Also includes advice about the why and how of setting up your own training plan to improve fitness and get race-ready…

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Ask Levi: Will I Get Back In Shape In Time to Race?

Here is how to get back into your training routine after a forced layoff gave you six weeks of unexpected rest…

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A Quick Fat Burning Workout You Can Do At Home

Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training demonstrates a quick little workout to burn fat. You can do this at home – all you need are two dumbbells and you can do these three simple exercises. See the video for instructions…

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Ask Levi: How Can I Ride Indoors During The Winter?

As you get more interested in cycling, you may want to keep your fitness up through the winter. But you might not want to ride outside in the cold, because it’s wet and cold. So you wonder about riding your bike inside…

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Ask Levi: Treadmills Suck, What Elliptical Machine Should I Get?

A regular reader recently asked about getting an elliptical machine to ease the pain of running on a treadmill, and while I have never been a big fan of either, I decided to look into it. Here are my thoughts on treadmills and ellipticals…

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How to Waste Time in the Gym: 5 Exercises That Aren’t Doing You Any Good

The winter weather means it is time for many cyclists and multisport athletes to hit the gym, but that can do more harm than good if you choose the wrong exercises. Here are five exercises that will waste your time…

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Top 3 Reasons I Love The Cyclo-Core Product Line

There are many reasons to like bodyweight workouts designed for cyclists, like Cyclo-Core, but here are my top three reasons…

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Ask Levi: How Can I Build Huge Leg Muscles?

Want to build some huge leg muscles? Here is how to do it with weight lifting, since aerobic sports like cycling and running will not do it for you…

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The Ideal Indoor Trainer Setup For Riders On A Budget (No TV or DVDs Required)

Back in college, I had a sweet indoor cycling setup in my dorm room. It coupled a stationary trainer or rollers with three items. One was music, and the other two had nothing to do with a computer, TV, or DVDs. They were…

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Ask Levi: What Is a Good Stationary Trainer?

As winter is approaching, indoor trainers will become more and more popular (and more and more despised, at the same time.) Here’s a question about which one to get, followed by my advice for indoor cycling and stationary trainers…

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10 Essentials for a Relaxing Yet Productive Recovery Week

Typically, training will be done in four-week cycles where there are three weeks of hard riding followed by a recovery week, where training volume and/or intensity are reduced. But aside from less riding, how do you get the most out of your recovery week?

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3 Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Your Own Ice Pack

Are you sore from an unexpectedly hard race or group ride? Don’t have an ice pack on hand? Here are three cheap and easy ways to make your own ice pack…

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How To Stand On An Exercise Ball

Incorporating an exercise ball into your workouts is great for working on your balance and stability. You can incorporate it into your typical exercises, or you can just play around on it for fun. Either way, it improves your mountain bike technical skills and even your tolerance for riding in a cramped peloton.

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Ask Levi: How To Prepare For That Big Ride That’s Only a Month Away

So you have some fitness, but need to boost that to great fitness in four weeks or less? Read on…

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How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Home Gym for Under $100

You don’t need expensive equipment or gym memberships to get in shape! You can get a great workout in your own home gym, all for under $100. Here’s how.

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