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Ask Levi: Should I Take Creatine?

Creatine is a very popular supplement that’s been around a while, but there are still questions about its use and who it is good for. Here we look at creatine use for a recreational endurance athlete…

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Ask Levi: I’m Skinny But I Want Big Arms!

While most cyclists and runners aren’t concerned with having big arms, arm strength comes in handy for XC skiing, swimming, kayaking, BMX, mountain biking, and even bike repair! So let’s look at building big arms…

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Really, What Time of Day is Best for Exercise?

Ever since I started working out seriously in high school, I have always been a firm believer in working out in the morning. I just thought it was the best way to start the day. Now there is a big debate about morning vs afternoon and evening exercise…

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My 5 Favorite Motivational Quotes To Live By

It’s always good to start off the new year on a positive note, so to make sure you are motivated to train and race this year, I’d like to share some of my favorite quotes from some extraordinary athletes…

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Ask Levi: Why Am I Losing Weight Instead of Gaining Muscle Mass?

If you are losing weight instead of gaining muscle mass, even though you are lifting weights, you may need to change your workouts and/or eating habits. Here are some ideas…

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How To Maintain Fitness, Even If Your Workouts Last Only Twenty Minutes

If you’re like most cyclists, you have many responsibilities besides cycling. But you still want to stay in shape and get your workouts in. That means sometimes you need intense interval training in a short 20 minute workout. Here are some examples…

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Ask Levi: How Do I Get Rid of Sore Muscles?

Most athletes deal with sore muscles on a regular basis. Here are some ideas to ease your sore muscles and speed recovery…

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Ask Levi: If This Exercise Burns Fat, What’s With My Belly Fat?

Here is the run down on burning body fat, toning your muscles, and finally torching that last bit of body fat from your midsection…

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Determining Reps and Sets for Body Weight Exercises

Once you have a list of body weight exercises and instructions, you need to form that into a training program. Here is how to determine the sets, reps, and rest periods when doing bodyweight workouts…

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Ask Levi: Should I Stop Exercising If I Start Shaking?

A discussion of the plank position, shaking muscles during an isometric hold, and a word about exercising with proper form…

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Ask Levi: How Can I Speed Recovery?

If you have sore leg muscles and need to recovery fast, you could try massage, heat, ice baths, or one of many other tricks. But there is one key to recovery, and that is rest. Rest, plus a healthy lifestyle and diet…

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Training: It’s About Hours, Not Miles

Beginners tend to think of training in terms of miles. It is the standard unit of measurement in most endurance sports, especially running and cycling. But it is time to break the habit! You need to think in terms of time spent training, and that will be measured in hours.

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Junk Miles: What They Are, And Why You Should Avoid Them

Junk miles are miles added into your training plan with no purpose other than to increase your mileage count. Most endurance athletes fall prey to these junk miles, but here is how to avoid junk miles and improve fitness…

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Ask Levi: Should I Do Upper Body Weights/Conditioning?

For a road cyclist or mountain biker, weight lifting is important. Coaches will debate how good it is for cyclists, but I feel a good strength training program is essential for all cyclists…

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Ask Levi: Is my Heart Rate Lower Than Normal?

Did you ever wonder if your maximum heart rate is lower than normal? Here are some reasons why you might be seeing a low heart rate while riding, and a few words about maximum heart rate (MHR)…

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