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Ask Levi: The Ab Wheel Hurts My Elbows, What Can I Do?

Today’s question is about getting an ab wheel workout without the stress on your elbows…

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Ask Levi: For a Better Workout, Start With Headwind or Tailwind?

Today’s question is about wind direction and getting a better workout with headwinds and tailwinds…

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Ask Levi: How Do I Increase Mileage for a Big Ride?

Today’s question is about increasing mileage leading up to a big ride and adjusting your on-bike fueling to match the new distance…

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How to Make Your Own Wrist Roller

Your forearm muscles are actually quite useful for cycling, especially mountain biking and BMX racing. But you probably aren’t working them in the gym. Here’s how to change that…

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Ask Levi: Will Training On a Heavy Bike Make Racing On My Road Bike Easier?

Today’s question focuses mainly on the concept of training on a heavy bike and then racing on a lighter one so you get stronger and ride faster…

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How to Make a T-Handle (The Homemade Kettlebell Replacement)

Have you ever considered training with a kettlebell, but were turned off at their extremely high price? Then you might want to make yourself a “T-handle,” which is a kettlebell replacement you can build at home! Here’s how…

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How to “Tone” Your Muscles

Many people who take up running and cycling are looking for some good exercise that will help them lose weight and tone their muscles. Here’s how to make sure you accomplish that…

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Ask Levi: What Exercises Will Help Me Do Pull Ups?

Today’s question is about which exercises to use to improve your pull ups, when you are working on going from zero to one pull up…

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Why The Bosu Ball Gets a Bad Rap

Never seen a Bosu ball? Imagine taking a Swiss ball, cutting it in half, and mounting a platform on the cut side. It’s an interesting device, sort of like a wobble board. But is it useful?

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How to Maintain Your Fitness Through Sickness or Illness

Chances are, you’re going to get sick. Here is how and when to train, when to rest, and how to prevent future illness…

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3 Push-Up Variations That Will Have You Begging for Mercy

Push-ups are a great exercise you can do anywhere and still get a great upper-body workout. If you ever get bored, try these variations that make the regular push-up much harder…

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Ask Levi: Feeling It In My Back, But Not My Abs?

Today’s question is about exercising with the ab wheel but feeling it in your arms and back, rather than your abs…

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5 Wonderful Ways To Keep Your Muscles Loose When You Can’t Ride

If you are on an important training and racing schedule, keeping your muscles loose at all times is important…

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An Introduction to Plyometrics

One of my favorite off-bike training methods is plyometrics. Put simply, plyometrics are explosive jumping exercises…

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Three Great Ways to Work Your Forearms

Forearm strength is not a top priority for cyclists, but your forearms do come into play during certain situations. Having strong forearms will come in especially handy during mountain biking, with the constant steering and lifting the front wheel. Here are exercises to build forearm strength…

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