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The Runner 360: A 12-Minute Workout Targeting Every Muscle You Need to Run Your Best

Editor’s note: Today I’d like to share a full-body workout designed specifically for runners. It’s excerpted from the just-released Build Your Running Body book. Try it today and let me know what you think in the comments! The Runner 360 The Runner 360 is an all-around strength

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The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Sports Bras

Having never needed a sports bra of my own, I never felt comfortable putting together a guide on choosing a sports bra. Well, that has changed! See, my local rock climbing gym, The Climbing Wall, has a Ladies Night special – half price for girls… and guys

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Ask Levi: Minimalist Running Shoes for Wide Feet?

Today’s question is about finding minimalist running shoes (some would say “barefoot style”) that are a good fit for wide feet…

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Zinetic Pocket Slippers Converted to Running Shoes

I needed some new, lightweight shoes, but I just didn’t know what to buy. I didn’t want to spend a lot for specialty barefoot style running shoes, so I customized my old Zinetic slippers…

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3 Quick Tips To Keep Your Sneakers Smelling Fresh

As athletes, we have to deal with stinky clothes all the time. The problem is, we can’t throw our stinky shoes in the washing machine with everything else…

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Save Your Nipples! 3 Tricks to Prevent Chafing

If you experience nipple chafing or irritation while running, get something to put over your nipples, and that should solve the problem. Here are three ideas…

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Ask Levi: What If I Need Totally Waterproof Socks?

Although I love my Seal Skinz waterproof socks, some people need tall, waterproof socks that don’t let water seep down through the cuff. Here is an idea…

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How NOT To Carry Energy Gels During a Marathon

When running a marathon or other endurance event, carrying food is very important. But there are good and bad ways to carry energy gels. Here are seven ways NOT to carry gel packets with you…

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Blisters and Blood: Why Running Without Socks Is a Bad Idea!

Have you ever wondered what length of socks is good for running? There are low, mid, and high socks, plus ultra-low cut socks and even knee-high socks. While it’s mostly personal preference, here’s a reason not to run with the low-cut socks!

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How to Pin Energy Gels to Your Running Shorts

Doing a race where there is plenty of water on the course, but you still need to carry your favorite energy gel? Then skip the fancy belts and packs and go back to basics – safety pins! Yes, you can use safety pins to attach gel packs directly to your running shorts. Here’s how…

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How To Carry Food And Water With You On Your Runs: 6 Ways That Work

Whenever I first started running more than a couple miles at a time, the question of “how do I carry food and water with me?” really boggled my mind. I no longer had the luxury of a cycling jersey with pockets in the back, a backpack would be way too big, and I sure didn’t want to carry water bottles in my hands! But I didn’t want to die of dehydration, either…

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ChiRunning – A Guide to Getting Started

As if two detailed reviews of the ChiRunning Book and DVD weren’t enough, here’s a story about how I got started and progressed through the process…

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How to Run Faster and Easier With Less Pain and No Injuries

How would you like to run faster and easier, and prevent injury at the same time? You’d think if there was a miracle like that, it would be pitched every weekend on some crazy infomercials. But it’s not. (Or if it was, I must have been watching cartoons, because I didn’t see it…)

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