Road cycling involves riding a road bike on paved streets. Road bikes typically have smooth, narrow tires for increased speed and comfort, and drop handlebars which allow for multiple hand positions on long rides (plus the ability to get low and aerodynamic.)

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Road Cycling Basic Skills

These articles cover basic biking skills, such as riding technique and how to shift gears, and also things everyone needs to know, like what chamois cream is.

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Bike and Gear Buying Advice

These articles cover purchasing a bike, making sure you choose the right bike, and useful parts upgrades. Whether you want the best gear or the best value for your money, you’ll find the answers you need here.

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Road Cycling Advice About Every Possible Topic

Here is some miscellaneous advice for all road cyclists – we’re talking important debates like regular or bib shorts, important tips like how to keep clean and comfortable, and important maneuvers like getting a dropped chain back onto the chainrings without stopping.

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Dealing With the Weather

Even on smooth pavement, you’re bound to get caught in some nasty weather at some point. You might even want to go out in the snow for fun. Here’s how to handle these cold and wet weather conditions.

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Road Racing

Advice for those of you entering road bike races.

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Leg Shaving – Yeah, Men Shave!

Here’s everything you need to know about shaving your legs, including the what, why, how, when, and where.

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