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The Art of The Perfect Pre-Race Warm-Up

So much attention is paid to proper training strategies and racing tactics, while pre-race warm ups are often taken for granted. It’s like good nutrition – it might not be the #1 factor in your race performance, but it sure helps! Warm ups are confusing though. You

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Ask Levi: How Do I Know I Am Ready for a Huge Race?

Today’s question is about knowing when you’re ready to enter a huge race such as the Leadville 100, a 100-mile mountain bike race in Colorado that took pros Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer over 6 hours to finish… Levi, When training a race like Leadville 100 mtn.

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Are You Ready To Race?

So, how do you know when you’re ready to line up for your first ever road bike race? There are two ways to look at it. The short answer is, just do it. The best way to get better at racing is to race more, so the

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5 Tips For Riding a Mountain Bike In a Road Race

A lot of small, local road races include a mountain bike category. This is nice because a lot of recreational riders do not own road bikes, but still want to be able to compete in their hometown race. Here are tips to make the most of your slower bike…

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Ask Levi: When To Come Out of The Saddle During a Time Trial?

Today’s question is about when to come out of the saddle during a Time Trial (TT,) specifically at the finish line…

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Ask Levi: How Does a New Rider Take On a Seven Day Tour?

Today’s question is about a new rider taking on some challenging bike tours this summer…

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Ask Levi: Disadvantage From Restricted Gears?

Today’s question is about the disadvantage you have using restricted gears in junior age group racing…

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How To Stick Your Race Number To Your Jersey

Sick of using safety pins to attach your race number to your jersey? Then consider these tape and adhesive alternatives…

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Ask Levi: Am I Too Old To Start Bike Racing?

Today’s question is about being too old to even bother getting started bike racing…

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Make Your Own Aero Disc Wheel for Under $100

How often do you race a time trial? Do you have an aero rear wheel? If not, check out how to get disc wheel benefits for under $100…

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Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack on Keeping Focused During a Triathlon

The following is a short video featuring Chris McCormack, an Ironman World Champion. It’s about keeping focused during a race that might last eight hours or more…

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Ask Levi: How Long Should I Warm-up at Race Intensity?

Today’s question is about how long to spend warming up at race intensity before a Cat 5 race…

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How to Pin Your Number Down For a Bike Race

While your training plan and racing tactics are extremely important, you can’t forget the little things that can make or break a race. One of those little details is pinning your number on properly. Here is how to pin it down properly…

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How to Wear a Number During a 5k

When you’re running a 5k, whether for the first or hundredth time, you don’t want to screw up any of the little details that are easy to forget due to pre-race jitters. One of those important details is your number plate!

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How to Eat During a Mountain Bike Race

When I first started group mountain bike rides, we always stopped to regroup, making it easy to get a bite to eat. But, you can’t stop riding during a race! Here are tips to eat and drink during a mountain bike race…

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