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If you’ve been watching closely, you may have noticed that I got Skinnyr. Nope, not skinnier, Skinnyr!

If you have seen my Myspace page lately, it’s now displaying my graph from Skinnyr.com.

Skinnyr is a new web application that allows you to keep track of your weight, and they graph it for you. You can see the graph in your account, or you can go public and display the graph on your website or blog. You can see mine right here:

[Editor’s note: Skinnyr embed is no longer working.]

That’s it. It looks pretty cool, but that’s the only graph you see. You log-in every day and input your weight, and that’s all you get. One plain old graph.

The pros:

It’s a fairly simple way to track your weight on a graph, plus it lets you display the graph publicly (if you want to show off your weight loss.)

There is a blur feature on the graph you can choose, where it displays your weight fluctuations without giving away your actual weight. That way your weight isn’t given away, which could be a very good thing!

Skinnyr is also integrated with Facebook, so you can access your account from your Facebook profile. Great for us kids! Even if you’re not on Facebook, you can access Skinnyr right from the desktop widget if you choose to download that (since it would save you from surfing to skinnyr.com.)

This would be pretty cool if it was used by professional athletes and personal trainers. I’d like to watch some people to see who gets fat in the winter!

The cons:

Skinnyr is very thin in the features department. It’s just a graph!

I’d like to be able to pick dates and see the graph for just those dates, whether it’s for one week or one year. Right now I don’t see how to do that.

Plus, entering my weight each day is a pain, even if I can do it through Facebook. It would be cool if my scale was wifi-enabled and connected to skinnyr.com automatically to keep track of things, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon…

My final verdict is…

I’m not sure why I should waste my time with this, as it doesn’t do much at all. (At first I thought it would be neat, but the novelty wore off real fast.)

I could do much cooler stuff with an Excel spreadsheet or Access database, so until Skinnyr fills up with more features, I think I’ll track my weight on my own. (And if they do fill up on features, maybe they’ll have an option for uploading existing data via an Excel spreadsheet, so I won’t be left out!)

Official website: Skinnyr.com

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