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Book Review: The Metabolism Advantage
Despite being a Precision Nutrition member for years, and reading Dr. John Berardi’s articles for years before that, I completely missed his 2006 book titled Read more.

Tested: Cascadian Farm Organic Crunchy Granola Bars
If you like Nature Valley crunchy granola bars but want something organic, consider switching to Cascadian Farm Organic Crunchy Granola Bars. They’re just like a Read more.

Tested: triYUM Bars
If I’m at Big Lots and I see something on the clearance shelf that’s marketed as a healthy snack, I’ll buy first and ask questions Read more.

Tested: Panasonic RP-HJE120 Earbuds
I’m no audiophile. When it comes to headphones, just give me something comfortable that doesn’t sound like total garbage! I don’t need a dramatic listening Read more.

Tested: Saucony Kilkenny XC3 Flat
As much as I loved my Saucony Bullets (I bought 2-3 pairs of them after all,) they just weren’t durable enough for any trail running. Read more.

Book Review: The New Rules of Lifting for Abs
The New Rules of Lifting for Abs by Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler is one of the newer releases in the popular New Rules of Read more.


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Tested: Perfect Body Plan E-book
I recently received a review copy of Perfect Body Plan, a new e-book that promises to give you that perfect body you’ve always dreamed of. Read more.

Did You Notice I Got Skinnyr?
If you’ve been watching closely, you may have noticed that I got Skinnyr. Nope, not skinnier, Skinnyr! If you have seen my Myspace page lately, Read more.

Tested: ACT Energy Drink
Here we have a new energy drink. Normally I would not find something like this, but my mom got me started on it because we Read more.

Tested: Aubrey Organics Sun Care (Natural Sunscreen)
With quite a few people switching to all-natural and organic products these days, it might be time for Aubrey Organics to come into the spotlight. Read more.

Tested: Easy Hand Bike Tool
Today we’re looking at the Easy Hand Bike Tool, which is something like a new-fangled tire lever, except that it has one purpose: to put Read more.

Tested: Aquafina Alive Wellness Water (Peach Mango)
It seems like I see something new every time I go to the convenience store. And it’s usually some sort of energy drink or new Read more.

Tested: LARABAR Energy Bar
A taste test and review of the Lara Bar energy bar. Read more.

Tested: Caribou Coffee Chewy Granola Bars
Normally a new granola bar from General Mills would not warrant a review on my site, but after trying these, I had to write about Read more.

Tested: Graeme Street’s Advanced 12 Week Training Plan
If you are questioning the price of $65 for nothing more than a winter training plan (on top of $200 for the workout DVDs), you’re Read more.

Tested: Abdominal Roller/Wheel
The product I like to refer to as the “ab wheel” has been around for years, probably long before I was born. It’s simple yet Read more.

Tested: Gatorade Rain
Cool. Crisp. Clean. That is what the newest version from Gatorade promises to be. And luckily, it delivers! Here is my review of Gatorade RAIN. Read more.

Tested: Graeme Street’s Cyclo-Zen Program
After a few months with just Cyclo-Core, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Cyclo-Zen. (I have Speed too, which Read more.

Tested: Graeme Street’s Cyclo-Core Program
My friend Maureen said it best, “You think you’re in shape, then you do this workout…” I had been reading Graeme Street’s emails for quite Read more.

Tested:, A Dating Site for Cyclists
Online dating seems to be the big thing these days, with new matchmaking sites popping up every day. No longer do we just have generic Read more.

Tested: Air Optix Night and Day Contact Lenses
Finally! I’ve been waiting three weeks for these! Yes, my Focus Night & Day contacts are here. It’s a long story why it took so Read more.


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