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Tested: HydraPak Stash 1L Collapsible Water Bottle
Hard plastic water bottles not meeting your needs? Do you feel like empty bottles take up too much space? Then maybe you need a HydraPak Read more.

Tested: RhinoShield CrashGuard iPhone Bumper Case
If you’re out bike riding, trail running, or rock climbing, and you’re carrying a smartphone, you want to protect it. In those situations, it’s a Read more.

Tested: Lifetrak Zoom HRV Monitor
Previously, I was never a huge fan of activity trackers. They simply weren’t good enough for athletes. Sure, they were high-tech devices. But as far Read more.

Tested: Honey Stinger Organic Energy Waffles
This isn’t just any waffle. It’s a “Stroopwafel” like you find in the Netherlands, but it comes packaged like an energy bar. They have been Read more.

Tested: Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil
No, there is certainly no shortage of chamois creams or butt butters, but this is a first for me. It’s a crotch oil! Aptly named, Read more.

Tested: Two Wheel Gear Garment Pannier Classic 2.0
As if the physical challenge of bike commuting isn’t enough (using your bike to carry both you and your belongings to work), there is the Read more.


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Tested: Yaktrax RUN
I think variety is the spice of life, so I try to get on skis as soon as winter hits (rather than biking or running Read more.

Tested: Play Again Now Recovery Drink
As much as I never wanted to age past 25, it did give me some hope to see lots of pro cyclists reaching their peaks Read more.

Tested: Honey Stinger Snack Bars
If you like honey, but don’t care for gels or need the calories of an energy bar, maybe the new Honey Stinger Snack Bars are Read more.

Tested: Fenix BC21R Bike Light
When it comes to bike lights for all-around use, I want something that’s easy to use, very bright, and affordable. For those requirements, it’s hard Read more.

Tested: Kuali Amaranth Snack Bars
With super foods and super berries dominating store shelves, I wouldn’t blame grains if they feel left out. Heck, given the prominence of gluten-free foods Read more.

Tested: Velosight Reflective Decals
Want to “get noticed” when you’re out riding your bike? Even if you’re shy and introverted, the answer is probably yes, because getting noticed means Read more.

Tested: Wojo Nutrition Liquid Supplements (WojoCalm)
Finally! A full line of liquid supplements from a company that’s not part of some multi-level marketing and autoship scheme! I don’t just hate swallowing Read more.

Tested: Vbiger Outdoor Touchscreen Gloves
Last winter I began a search for a good winter workout glove, for running and cross country skiing, that was also touchscreen compatible. Why? Because Read more.

Tested: Optimum-FX SleeperZzz Natural Sleep Aid
Millions of Americans are faced with sleep problems, yet it seems most people try to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. How so? Energy Read more.

Tested: Fullbore Fitness Microfiber Sports Towel
Towels are one of those accessories you don’t really want to spend money on. They’re not particularly high-tech or exciting, nor do you wear one Read more.

Tested: GuruNanda Pure Cow Ghee
Butter and coconut oil are hogging all the headlines these days, but there’s something else high in fat and high in flavor – ghee. To Read more.

Tested: Zahler Reach Whey Protein Powder
No longer is whey protein powder exclusive to bodybuilders or even athletes in general. It’s everywhere, especially when used as the basis for a meal Read more.

Tested: Bodyglide Anti-Chafing Lubricants
You’ve heard of Bodyglide, right? It’s billed as “the original anti-blister, anti-chafing balm.” It probably is the original because the company was founded in 1996. Read more.

Tested: ACEL Compression Socks
You don’t have to wear compression socks to compete in a marathon or triathlon. If you look at the crowds of participants these days, though, Read more.

Book Review: THE PAIN-FREE CYCLIST: Conquer Injury and Find Your Cycling Nirvana
There comes a time when cycling is no longer fun. That time is when it literally hurts to ride your bike. The worst part is, Read more.


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