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Whenever I see a packet of gel, my brain is trained to categorize it as carbs. (Years of pounding down GUs and Power Gels will

There's always an easy way and a hard way to do something. Eating your greens is no exception. You could grow a garden and eat

Do you ever head out for a long ride or run alone? Without an ID? Without telling someone where you're going and when you should

Designer Whey has been a popular protein powder for many years. Growing up, it was one of those big brands that everyone talked about and

If you spotted Sensibly Natural Veggie Chips (or Veggie Sticks) on the shelf, what would you assume they were? Sliced, dried vegetables, right? Wrong! Despite

I love having sunflower seeds for a snack, but I never thought too much about them. If I could find a bag of sunflower seeds


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In my search for something that would help soothe my sore muscles (other than getting a professional massage each day,) I came across two neat

When it comes to healthy refreshment, one name that comes to mind is the Honest Tea company. They produce a variety of organic teas and

First, there was Gatorade. It contained sugar. But then there were dieters, and sucralose and aspartame took over. Then Propel was born. Now... there's Gatorade

It has been a while since my initial ACT review, and I had probably been drinking this for a year before that - but my

Who would have known that the energy foods market is full of multiple variations on the tried-and-true "bar" format? I recently reviewed the Chunks, have

As soon as I saw those bars, I was sure I was staring at what could be called "the low-price LARA BAR." According to the

Last month I mentioned where to get a coupon for a free bag of Flat Earth Veggie Crisps. I printed out a coupon and picked

Turbulence Training is a popular series of training programs and fat loss systems created by Craig Ballantyne, an expert trainer and regular contributor to Men's

As far as I knew, Del Monte just did canned fruits and fruit juice. But last year they made the jump into the energy drink

Lately I have been realizing that there is a world outside the Powerbar, and my latest find is the Cheetah Bar. While "Power" is good,

Despite living in Massachusetts for four years, the Dancing Star food company (based in Buckland) and their "Chunks of Energy" managed to elude me. But

I love pizza, so anytime I can get three mediums for just $5 each, I get excited. I was kind of excited for the Domino's

This past summer I switched from my stock stem and handlebar to a nice combo from Ritchey - the WCS 4-axis Stem and the WCS

I like to keep an eye on all the crazy new energy drinks because sometimes you find something healthy. Today that something was a small

Are you fairly new to cycling? Or perhaps you've been riding a while but you are thinking about doing your first race this season? Then


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