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After a mediocre run with P90X (too much time spent working toward results I didn't need,) I decided to give Insanity a shot. Both of

Fish oil is one of those supplements where I'm happy to pay extra for high quality, but it sure wouldn't hurt to find one that

Walking through Dick's Sporting Goods earlier this Spring, I had the chance to participate in a live product demonstration, and there was no way I

When Clif released the Builder's Bar in a snack size, it wasn't that exciting - it was nothing more than a smaller version of the

Whenever I see a packet of gel, my brain is trained to categorize it as carbs. (Years of pounding down GUs and Power Gels will

There's always an easy way and a hard way to do something. Eating your greens is no exception. You could grow a garden and eat


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If I could go back in time, the first thing I'd do is buy Google stock on the cheap right after their IPO so I

Looking to get more out of your push-ups? Forget multiple variations, just try this nifty device called the Push-up Pro if you want to get

Healthy energy drinks aren't going away anytime soon! The latest healthy drink I have found amongst the thousands of terrible drinks is called Fiva. It's

The Cyclo-Club is a brand new membership-based website for cyclists created by cyclist and personal trainer, Graeme Street. You may recognize his name because he

Despite going in the wrong direction with the low-calorie G2, Gatorade is back on track with their latest addition, Gatorade Tiger. At first I thought

You can't have an energy drink without having a cool looking can, so I was pleased to see that FRS Healthy Energy comes in these

Many years ago when I first started consuming the delicacies known as energy bars, there was this one giant bar called the Peak Bar. It

Along with energy drinks in cans and in powdered form, one of the latest trends is doing energy chews. Clif Bar introduced the Clif Shot

As much as I love 'ready to drink' sports drinks for their smooth textures and consistent flavor, I can't argue with the convenience, cost savings,

The sheer number of energy drinks out there really amazes me. There must be thousands of crazy, disgusting, unhealthy energy drinks around the world. But

I love zesty, spicy flavors, and I love all Kashi's healthy cereals and granola bars, so it was only a matter of time before I

Want to soothe your sore, aching muscles for just $7, with no effort required? It's possible, and the secret lies in a small jar of

Since the Mini Massager from HoMedics didn't suit my needs, I had to move up to their PA-100 Professional Massager! This is another hand-held personal

In my search for something that would help soothe my sore muscles (other than getting a professional massage each day,) I came across two neat

When it comes to healthy refreshment, one name that comes to mind is the Honest Tea company. They produce a variety of organic teas and


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