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As an endurance athlete, your body is probably tight, sore, and unbalanced. Mine sure is. Post-workout stretching helps. And daily foam rolling sessions make me

Know what bothers me? It's when a company redesigns an already great product and in doing so, eliminates all the reasons I liked it in

Want to get gnarly? Then Gnarly Nutrition might be right up your alley! Gnarly Nutrition offers a full line of all-natural sports drinks and recovery

Always a sucker for a good deal, I just piled a shelf-full of Stretch Island Fruit Chews into my shopping basket on my last trip.

Who doesn't like getting boxes in the mail? And who doesn't like surprises? Combine the two and you have Bestowed Box. Well, let's be honest

For some people, losing fat isn't that hard... but gaining muscle is next to impossible. For others, they pack on muscle effortlessly... but they'll gain


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It wasn’t long ago when I first reviewed the FRS Antioxidant Health Chews. I tested out the lemon lime flavor, which is pretty commonplace in

There is a notoriously big problem on hard rides in hot weather - cramping! When you're sweating more and riding harder than usual, you have

If there is one sports drink company that stands out from the rest, it would have to be Hammer Nutrition. They pride themselves on (and

I absolutely hate sweat running down into my eyes. First, it stings. Second, it destroys my contacts. Third, it creates nasty streaks on my sunglasses

As soon as I started riding seriously, one of the first cycling specific pieces of gear I purchased was this Headsweats coolmax skull cap. That’s

With my beloved Bontrager saddle starting to wear thin, it was time to part with some serious cash to find something new that fit my

Whenever I get a new air pump, or borrow someone’s, the built-in gauge is never the same. Sometimes it is close, but when I got

Want an energy drink that works for you? I'm pretty sure that's the premise behind all energy drinks (which energy drinks ask you to work

If you are a fan of high-intensity interval training in place of slow, boring cardio workouts, Turbulence Training is the perfect match for you (and

In a desperate attempt to slim down for a big bike race in July (and get six pack abs in the process,) I was actually

I always like to try new breads, especially sprout bread (which is made from sprouted grains, so it's more like a vegetable than a bread,)

After five or six long years with my Giro Boreas, I figured it was time for a new lid. The helmet seemed OK structurally, but

After four years of mediocre to pathetic performance, the Bontrager Select wheels that adorned my Trek 1500 finally gave out. I had put up with

If you've ever worked on a farm, you'll know that keeping a cow's udder smooth and comfortable is an important part of getting fresh milk.

To go along with the spectacular Chi Running DVD I just reviewed, I also read the ChiRunning book, ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free


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