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a jar of therapeutic mineral ice

Want to soothe your sore, aching muscles for just $7, with no effort required?

It’s possible, and the secret lies in a small jar of blue gel known as Therapeutic Mineral Ice pain relieving gel.

I rarely see Mineral Ice being used or talked about amongst cyclists, but it’s a common item in most locker rooms. It’s simple – you rub the gel onto your muscles and joints and they feel better.

The key to Mineral Ice is the active ingredient – menthol. Menthol is used in a variety of salves and balms, and the 2% menthol content of Mineral Ice works well to relieve the pain in your muscles and joints, whether it’s from a nagging sports injury or arthritis.

Just apply Mineral Ice to your body and in seconds you will feel the tingle. It feels great!

While Mineral Ice feels pretty strong, it smells stronger. If you use it all over your body, the entire room will smell in no time! I think it smells pretty good, though, and there’s the added benefit that it will unclog your sinuses!

Mineral Ice Ingredients

There is only one active ingredient in Mineral Ice: 2% Menthol

See the full ingredients list.

Sometimes I wonder how it works so well with just that one ingredient. But it does.

I actually prefer Mineral Ice over Icy Hot, BenGay, and BioFreeze.

How I Use Mineral Ice

mineral ice gel on leg
Check out my sweet tan line!

Mineral Ice is more than a simple pain reliever. Here are all the ways I use it…

Pain Relief. If I am sore from a long ride, or if an injury (such as a torn ACL) is acting up, I’ll rub Mineral Ice on it to ease the pain.

Easy Massage. The tingling sensation from Mineral Ice working its way into your muscles is similar to a massage. If I ever feel like getting a massage, but don’t actually want to get a massage, I can just rub Mineral Ice on my body. It does all the work!

Rest & Recovery Days. You know how your legs are always extra stiff after taking a day off? You can solve that by rubbing Mineral Ice on them on off days for “active recovery.” This keeps your legs loose so they aren’t as sore when you ride the next day.

Pre-Race Warmup. Especially on cold days, it can take a long time to get your legs warmed-up and ready for peak performance. Just spread Mineral Ice on your legs before jumping on your bike and the tingling sensation will warm you up. (I only do this for some training rides since the tingle is a bit unusual if you’re not used to it, but some people do use it before races.)

Quick Tip: Running vs Riding
The tingle of Mineral Ice on my quads when cycling makes it feel like I’m not putting out as much power as I normally would. I’m not sure why, it’s just a weird feeling. However, using Mineral Ice before running is great. It might be the impact on my legs overriding the tingling sensation, but whatever it is, using Mineral Ice before running feels great for me.

Cure Headaches. This one I’ve never tried, but some people use Mineral Ice on their forehead, temples, and the back of the neck to cure headaches.

My final verdict is…

Years ago, Mineral Ice was a staple on my medical shelf, right up there with chamois cream! I couldn’t ride well (and recover) without it. Today, I typically choose something else – usually either Topricin or Rock Sauce – but Mineral Ice is still worth a try.

It works great for pain relief and even better for keeping my muscles loose, so it helps me get the most out of each training ride. Plus, it’s cheaper than specialty balms, creams, and gels – just about $7.50 for an 8 ounce jar – and it lasts for months.

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. It’s been a number of years since I used product, but as a result of carrying a very heavy box about 20 yds. (I’m 79 yr-old female with no aches or pains), many hours later experienced pain in hip, travelling down to knees, whereupon mineral ice was put to us (no expiration date, but looked fine and smelled fine. However, I have now developed a rash over good portion of body, including limbs and swollen lips. Pharmacist prescribed Benadryl #2 gel which helped the slight itch but the rash remains in “full swing”.

  2. I would like to know the agent for this product for middle east please.

  3. seccess story for you to post on your page

    minral ice is relay great when my back dr told me to put ice on my muscle he told me aobut bio freeze but when i saw minral ice inthe store i thurt i give it a try and it worked great good nad fast it has more of a efffect , more colder , better then the bio freeze i use it all the time , recmendit to everyone and it out a good price

    feel free to use this story on your page and fix it up and proof read it

  4. @Richard

    Great, thanks for sharing your success story!

  5. I’m a dancer, and with the intense amount of dancing I do plus competitions, shows, etc. I am constantly getting injuries and being so sore I can barely walk. One of my instructors let me use some of her Mineral Ice when I pulled my quad. I bought some of my own and use it constantly! It really helps me keep up with the demands of dance!

  6. Is there anny possibilety to purchase Mineral Ice in Germany??


    Manuela Schneider

  7. @Manuela

    I’m not sure about the stores, but I see Mineral Ice listed on http://www.amazon.de, so if you are willing to pay shipping, it looks like you could get some.

  8. I injured my back many years ago and the doctor used that as part of my thearpy and I have sworn by it for years. It does not compare to any other product. order is #1 mineral ice, #2 icyhot, #3 bengay

  9. Growing up I always noticed a blue bottle in my parents bathroom (mineral ice) they’ve always used this product for any kind is muscle pain.
    Now that I’m older I’m on my feet 50 hours a week and I was having pain in my calves and feet. I asked my father what was the name of the product he always used and I purchased last week for the first time.
    Never thought that this over the counter product can work so well !!!! IT REALLY SOOTHES THE PAIN AND HELPS ME SLEEP AT NIGHT WITH NO SORENESS.

    I will definitely recommend this AMAZING PRODUCT.

  10. It is total fake. Power of the mind. Hypnosis.
    And too, the menthold smell does NOT clear your sinused; that too is placebo, you smell the camphor and “think” your nose is clear.
    Don’t believe for a second that that this true information be accepted, but at least here it is.

    ps If you are old enough, perhaps remember copper bracelets for arthritis, sleeping with our bed allinged to the earth’s magnetic fieldl, sitting under pyramids…and other ridiculous fad quack remedies.

  11. I just want to ask why you prefer it over BioFreeze? BioFreezes only active ingredient is menthol but at 10.5%, so its more of a high-strength?

    • @Matthew

      It’s funny. Based on ingredients alone, you’d think BioFreeze (and a number of others) are far superior to Mineral Ice. But there was something about Mineral Ice. It just seemed to work better than those others!

      It could be psychological, it could be something else in the formula, it could be a different source for the ingredient, or perhaps Mineral Ice has just the right amount of menthol (with Bio Freeze having too much). I really don’t know.

  12. I’m a life long ice hockey goalie and at one point in my life before age took over I was able to play at a advanced beer league level. I’ve used mineral ice for over twenty years. I’m using it right now for a strained calf muscle. This stuff helps quite a bit, especially since I refuse to take pain pills to mask the problem. This stuff works really well. I’ll use it 4 times today and twice tomorrow before my game. I don’t ever use it when I’m not hurt though, only when I feel sore or injured. The others haven’t worked as well as mineral ice so I’ll stick with this until something better comes out.

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