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mestemacher sunflower seed bread

No matter how many people say carbs are bad or that you shouldn’t eat processed foods like bread, the chance of me giving up bread is slim to none! Bread is just so versatile it finds its way into every aspect of my diet.

I always like to try new breads, especially sprout bread (which is made from sprouted grains, so it’s more like a vegetable than a bread,) so I couldn’t resist this Mestemacher Sunflower Seed Bread. It looked moist and dense like sprout bread, which would be great, especially with the good protein and fat from the sunflower seeds.

And there was a big “made in Germany” logo on there, so I had to get it. They make some interesting bread over there!

So I grabbed the little loaf without even looking at the ingredients, sure I had made a good choice. After all, the bread was low in fat, high in fiber, cholesterol free, Kosher, and even preservative free (which was possible because the bread was actually pasteurized.)

But then at home, I actually read the ingredients…

Ingredients: Whole Kernel Rye, Water, Whole Meal Rye, Whole Meal Wheat, Sunflower Seed Salt, Yeast.

This “Sunflower Seed Bread” turned out to be rye bread with a few sunflower seeds added in. It seemed so healthy, though, so I tried it anyway. (By the way, I absolutely hate rye bread!)

I was worried at this point… with good reason, because it tasted like crap! I just hated the rye smell and flavor.

So I toasted a piece and then smothered it with peanut butter, hoping to make it edible. I could handle one bite, but it still left that rye aftertaste, so I couldn’t eat anymore.

But despite my limited tests, I still got a good idea of the texture. The texture was dense and chewy, and when I picked up a slice, it seemed almost rubbery. You could taste the seeds in there, though. They weren’t bad, but they were a little on the rubbery side, too.

mestemacher sunflower seed bread

I just wasn’t thinking though. I thought this was going to be made of actual sunflower seeds based on the appearance. I didn’t read the ingredients to see it was basically all rye flour.

Also, I only remembered that there is healthy food in Germany. I forgot the finer details, like the part about many foods being prepared differently in Germany (vs here in the USA,) some of which just don’t appeal to me. Sourdough bread for example. Both sourdough bread and rye are popular in Europe (if I remember correctly,) so it’s like a double whammy of things I don’t like!

It’s just the fine chocolates and greasy stuff like Wiener schnitzel that appeal to me! 😉

Here’s the funny thing though. I gave this to someone who loves rye bread… and he didn’t like it, either! I’m getting a gut feeling that most Americans really won’t go for this style of bread.

However, your pets might…

rooster eating mestemacher bread

That’s our pet rooster ripping a piece of this bread right out of my hand. Too bad he blinked for the camera! (The chickens loved this stuff the first two times they got it, but even they got sick of it after a while!)

My final verdict is…

If you like rye bread and sourdough bread, you might like this (especially if you are from Germany.) It’s fairly healthy and has an interesting texture.

If you like typical white or wheat bread, or if you’re just looking for sunflower seeds, this is NOT the bread for you. I think it should be labeled “RYE BREAD with sunflower seeds added” instead of “SUNFLOWER SEED BREAD.” I couldn’t eat it, and I don’t see many Americans liking it, so buyer beware!

Official website: www.mestemacher.de

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  1. Oh god I know the feeling, rye bread is so gross. I can’t stand the smell or taste.

  2. HI … I make a delicious Essene Bread, which is all hand-made, sprouted, with one ingredients – the sprouts! No one has complained about the taste yet, AND it’s healthy!! Have a great day! Patti.

  3. @Patti

    Sounds delicious! I know a few people who make sprouted grain bread (one of them being my mom) and it is amazing! It’s so good, it’s actually hard to eat good whole wheat bread after having the sprout stuff!!

  4. This is my new favorite bread. I have a slice every morning and just love it. It is dense and hearty and loaded with fiber and great flavor. I was not a fan of rye bread UNTIL I tasted this one.
    Also, I am cutting back on wheat products and am glad to have found this tasty bread.
    For me, it has PLENTY of sunflower seeds….can’t imagine it needing more.
    My local market sells this bread just fine.

  5. i LOVE this bread!! the thing is you have to stick with it. trying it once really isn’t enough. i think it tastes great…i love the texture, and i LOVE how filling it is. just one piece for a sandwich and you’re good to go. all that fiber keeps you full and it’s a bread that’s actually not BAD for you for a change.

  6. yeah your right karen …..you got to stick to it… if your not from germany u got to acquire the taste fisrt….i been eating this sort of bread since i was a kid and i love it….i cant do without it ….fr a change try it with some fruits and fat free yogurt topping…..

  7. I LOVE this bread. Had it last night lightly coated with olive oil. I topped it with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, black olives, garlic, Italian seasonings and Fitaka cheese and broiled in the toaster oven. Delicious! This morning, I again lightly coated it with olive oil and grilled it in a pan. Then I spread a little Fitaka cheese on it, sprinkled on some cinnamon and slice bananas on top. Great breakfast!

  8. I love this bread, it’s my favorite bread. I am an American & have never been to Germany so I cannot relate at all to the extremely negative review.

    Saying that “most Americans will not like this bread” or that ‘you have to’ develop a taste for it sounds like someone is looking through the wrong end of a telescope.

    For everyone I have introduced to this delicious bread, each person has loved it. Oddly enough, they were also not German nor raised in Germany nor had they been raised on this kind of bread.

    One slice of this bread is like an entire meal for me. I like it toasted plain & occasionally I enjoy it with a tiny bit of butter. It’s also fantastic spread with peanut butter.

    I have lightly toasted it then made roast turkey sandwiches. It’s also delicious toasted then place layers of thinly sliced tomatoes, light mayo & leaf lettuce.

  9. I like this bread but it is an acquired taste. Will not appeal to most kids especially (my calls it the “slab of doom”).

  10. Tried it and it tastes horrible.

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