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headland backslide bike fender

Fenders add needless weight to your bike during an XC race, but if you’re just training or riding for fun, keeping excess mud off your clothes by using fenders is a great idea. That’s why I use a Headland Backslide fender on my mountain bike.

This is a rear fender that attaches to your bicycle’s seatpost. It installs and removes quickly without tools thanks to a twist-down clamp.

It costs about $15, which isn’t bad, because I’ve been using this same fender for about five years and it’s still working.

The fender itself is some sort of plastic that has proven virtually unbreakable. I’ve ridden in nasty weather and wrecked many times, but the fender just bends and snaps back into shape.

Unfortunately, it’s the little things that fail. In this case, the little things are the parts of the clamping mechanism. In less than a year, the rubber gasket and padding inside the clamp had fallen out. Without that padding, I had to put extra pressure on the clamp to hold it in place, which started to strip out the threads.

(The bigger diameter your seatpost, the less clamping force you need, but it’s still a problem.)

I tried to fix it by taping and gluing in some replacement parts, but nothing lasted more than one ride.

The fender still works, but the problem is, it moves out of place very easily. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll have a large mud stripe up your back.

If you do any of these things…

  • Wreck or crash
  • Ride on bumpy trails
  • Get on and off your bike
  • Shift your weight back behind the saddle

… The fender is probably going to slide to side, leaving plenty of space for mud to fling up onto your back. Yep, one little bump is all it takes.

headland backslide bike fender

My final verdict is…

I like this fender and it still works fine, but it’s not as convenient as it once was. The clamp design just isn’t that great.

If you want a quick and easy to use fender for your mountain bike, the Headland Backslide isn’t a bad choice. However, when I need a new rear fender, I’ll try something else, perhaps one from SKS.

Official website: www.HeadlandBike.com

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