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Many years ago, while attending a Boston Marathon Expo, I got a free sample of some cool lip balm called Eco Lips.

The lip balm was awesome; it was unlike any lip balm I’d ever used! It had a nice smell and a great feel on my lips. That feel really set it apart from any other lip balm. It was soft and slick, but not too slippery. Just right!

It’s also cool because all Eco Lips flavors are organic and at least one is certified vegan.

Since Eco Lips has a ton of flavors now (I only remember them having three back in 2004 when I first found them), today I’m reviewing the “Pure & Simple” Eco Lips line. These are basic lip balms that cost $1.99 each.

These lip balms don’t have quite as nice a feeling as the more expensive Eco Lips options, but they feel pretty good. At least as good as (and somewhat similar to) Chap Stik and Blistex, and way better than cheap no-name brands.

I’d say they’re pretty soft, but not quite as slick as the more expensive Eco Lips.

Testing the three flavors:

Eco Kiwi–Strawberry (pure & simple) – This one has a strong flavor that’s almost overpowering. It’s great if you love strawberry kiwi stuff. I like it, but sometimes it’s too flavorful for me.

Eco Grape (pure & simple) – This one has a bit of grape flavor. It seems kind of artificial though. It is fairly strong, but not quite the same as kiwi-strawberry. At the very least, it has a nice grape scent.

Eco Coconut (pure & simple) – Coconut is a great flavor for lip balm. It’s kind of subtle which is nice, but it’s still sweet. I think most people would like this one, especially if you like coconut. (This is easily my favorite choice of the three flavors.)

My final verdict is…

If you just want lip balm, any Chapstick or whatever brand you like works fine.

But if you want to try something new, or if you only buy organic, this is the stuff. Eco Lips is great company with good values, too.

Official website: www.EcoLips.com

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