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bombilla gourd superfruits

One drink that caught my eye on the shelves of Big Lots was the Bombilla Gourd Superfruits line. I only bought this because it was one of those “hey, I want to review this stuff on my website” moments where I buy neat looking stuff without reading the ingredients.

Which is probably why I couldn’t find any health benefits with this drink!

Reading the label, I see water, sugar, and a tiny bit of fruit juice extract or something. I see no health benefits whatsoever. It’s also misleading because they state “made with extracts of high ORAC value fruits” but they don’t mention the ORAC value of the drink itself.

It’s fun to read the labels, though. For example, a blurb on the back of the orange mango flavor read:

Harvested from India to Africa and through North and South America, the mango provides vitamins and minerals to much of the world. It’s also reputed to improve “potency.” Ordinarily, we encourage B&G fans to write in with stories of how healthy the drinks have made you – but on matters of “potency,” it’s best if you refrain.

I found that alone to be worth the price of the bottle!

Bombilla Gourd Superfruits Taste Test

On to the taste test…

Pomegranate Lemonade – This was very watery, with no texture and a very light flavor. The lemonade was light, kind of like Honest Ade Limeade, and the pomegranate was weak. There’s very, very little pomegranate in there. Tasted more like a regular strawberry lemonade. Not even comparable to POM Wonderful.

Sweetness was at a good level; again, similar to Honest Ade. But Honest Ade has a full flavor that this stuff lacks.

It was drinkable, but nothing special. I have no plans to drink this again.

bombilla gourd superfruits

Orange Mango – Again, it’s a light flavor and a plain water texture. But I liked the flavor better than the Pomegranate Lemonade. This flavor was slightly stronger.

The orange flavor is dominant, like an orangeade, with a hint of mango.

Yumberry Lime – The best flavor of the bunch! I like the lime base, with a splash of berry added in. I’m not sure if I’ve ever eaten plain yumberries, so I can’t compare this to much, but it’s a good flavor.

Imagine a mild limeade with a pinch of pomegranate and raspberry.

The flavor is not exactly strong, and it still has the texture of water, but it stands out more than the others. I would actually drink this one again.

My final verdict is…

The drink provides no real health benefits, and the flavor isn’t great. Like most of these kind of drinks, I’d only recommend this as a replacement for soda pop or other junk with high fructose corn syrup. I did like the Bombilla Gourd Mate Tea, but the Superfruits aren’t up to par.

Regardless, Bombilla Gourd has gone out of business, so unfortunately you couldn’t get these any longer, even if you wanted to.

Official website: www.BombillaGourd.com

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