In this day and age, there is no trust. If I win a bike race, I’m accused of doping. If I write a product review and happen to like the product, I’m accused of being paid to write that.

Skeptics can go to hell, I don’t really care about them, but for those that are actually interested in my product reviews, I thought I’d keep a little log of what products I buy and which ones are sent to me for free.

I don’t think there are any trends like “stuff I get for free automatically gets a positive review,” but feel free to look for them.

I should also point out that when companies ask me to review their product, if the idea is something that I don’t like, I’m not going to waste my time reviewing it. So when you consider the fact that I don’t like to waste time and money testing products I don’t want, it makes sense that I’ll probably have more positive reviews than negative ones.

Without further ado…

FRS Healthy Energy – I’ll list this first since it seems to be such a popular topic. When I found out about FRS, I actually emailed them requesting a sample pack so I could try a variety of their flavors without spending lots of money to buy large boxes of each kind.

And guess what they told me… They simply stated, “The best way to sample our products is to sign up for a free trial.” Ha! So I had to fork out 100% of the cost to get all the FRS I tested.

Lara Bar – I bought all my Lara Bars individually at a convenience store. They looked cool so I bought them.

A while after I posted my review, Lara Bar contacted me offering some free samples of their new flavors. I got excited and sent them my address, but then I never heard from them again!

PowerBar – I have been buying boxes of PowerBars for as long as I can remember, and I still replenish my supply whenever I run out. I haven never gotten any sort of free bar or drink from them.

The closest I got was when I bought a bunch of 12-count boxes of Powerbars from Performance Bike and they included a free Powerbar t-shirt.

Accelerade – I bought this stuff myself. I don’t use it a lot, but I’d be willing to buy it again.

Recoup|90 – I never heard of this company till they contacted me requesting a review, and they sent me a one-month supply ($49.95 value) for free. After the review, I realized I liked the product, so I started buying it on my own.

Day Away Shaving Lotion – A friend of the company’s founder is a cyclist and recommended my website to him as a good place to advertise (or something like that.) I offered to do a review for free, so they sent me a $15.25 bottle of shaving lotion to try.

I haven’t needed to replenish my supply, but I could very well keep buying this stuff.

Chi Running – I was sent a Chi Running book and DVD for free. Man I was lucky because that was the spark I needed to revolutionize the way I run.

Cyclo-Core and Cyclo-Zen – I got these programs on DVD for free which was pretty cool.

Beverly International – I’ve tested two supplements from Beverly International, both of which I paid for, having ordered them from

GU gel – Much like Powerbars, GU gel has been a big part of my race nutrition for years. I continue to buy all my GU. (Although if they were to send me some free GU Roctane, I wouldn’t have a problem with that!)

Detour energy bars – I got a decent-sized sample pack of these bars from a PR firm working with the Detour company.

Solo GI energy bars – Someone from SoLo sent me a small sample pack of these bars to review.

Bear Naked granola – I have paid for the vast majority of my Bear Naked granola. But after publishing my reviews, a PR firm working with Bear Naked sent me some new flavors to test out.

POM Wonderful – POM sent me a free sample pack of their pomegranate juice to review.

Honest Tea – Honest Tea has never sent me any free samples.

Gatorade – I don’t drink much Gatorade, but whenever I get some to test, I have always bought it at the store.

Emergen-C – I got a free sample of this once before a marathon, but I bought/buy my boxes of Emergen-C at the store.

EBOOST – I got a free sample pack of EBOOST to review.

Fiva – Fiva sent me a sample pack to review.

Kashi bars – All the Kashi bars and cereals I’ve had, I purchased at the store.

Pizza Hut – Most people disagree with my opinion of the Pizza Mia pizza I reviewed, but Pizza Hut never sent me anything for free and I don’t work there. All my pizzas were ordered like everyone else.

Neuvation wheels – I bought these myself.

AXO gloves – So far I have paid for every single pair of my AXO gloves with no plans to switch brands any time soon.