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If you don’t eat fatty fish like salmon three times per week, there’s a good chance you’re low on Omega-3 fatty acids. I struggle to eat seafood, rarely take fish oil capsules, and only get a small amount of Omega-3s from my current liquid vitamin, so I need to do something to change that!

Luckily I’m saved (at least for the next 30 days) because I got a sample of a new fish oil called Recoup|90. It is what I would call a premium fish oil.

The company says it is “an ultra pure omega-3 fish oil capsule” that “acts as a great exercise recuperation tool.” It contains a guaranteed minimum of 90% Omega-3, which is significantly greater than anything else available on the market, due to their “patented SFC extraction process.”

4/2/09 update: Added Recoup|90 review.

Does it look like a good idea? Yes, fish oil supplements are great, if you get a high-quality one.

Is it cheap? Nope; at $49.95 per month, it’s much more expensive than other fish oils. (But it could be a better value due to the purity/concentration of the oil.)

Read more about Recoup|90 fish oil capsules:

All “Product Previews” are simply products I have found that look really cool or interesting. The product has not yet been reviewed, so I’m not advising you to buy or not to buy the product.

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