kimber pepperblaster

Want to protect yourself when you’re out riding? Considering some of the crazy things people and animals do, safety is an important consideration. So take a look at the Kimber PepperBlaster – you could call it a pepper spray gun.

At $40, it’s more expensive than other pepper sprays, but it is claimed to be much more effective. It actually shoots a liquid stream of pepper spray (oleoresin capsicum) at 90mph up to 13ft.

I might write a full review in the future, although it’s hard to say when I’ll have the opportunity (i.e. misfortune) to use it.

Does it look like a good idea? Yes, you never know when you might need some help with self-defense (especially if someone wants to start a fight after you’ve just ridden 100 hilly miles…)

Is it cheap? It’s probably the most expensive type of pepper spray available, but it’s cheaper than a gun. (And how can you put a price on safety?)

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