Supplement Reviews

Tested: Natrol AcaiBerry Diet Pills
I’m skeptical of all diet pills. And I’m really skeptical of anything that so much as mentions acai berry or raspberry ketones. So when I Read more.

Tested: EBOOST Spruce Energizing Whole Greens
Want to get your greens and a caffeine boost, all in one? Check out EBOOST Spruce Energizing Whole Greens. In each packet, you get 3 Read more.

Tested: Optimum-FX SleeperZzz Natural Sleep Aid
Millions of Americans are faced with sleep problems, yet it seems most people try to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. How so? Energy Read more.

Tested: Full-Time Energy Superfruit and Berry Weight Loss Blend
I’m no stranger to energy drinks and weight loss supplements. I’ve had energy drinks of all types, numerous weight loss supplements, and some crazy “all Read more.

Tested: BioTerra Herbs
You have to be careful with all supplement companies, but especially with new ones. That’s just the nature of the industry. Even more suspect are Read more.

Tested: Athlete’s Power
It’s been a long time since I’ve taken any supplement that claims to improve athletic performance. Most everything I take has some specific benefit, but Read more.

Tested: Amaçari
For the past month, I’ve been testing a new supplement called Amaçari. It’s based on Camu Camu, one of many so-called superfruits. I hadn’t even Read more.

Tested: Wilderness Athlete Superman
If you’re shopping on the Wilderness Athlete website, you won’t find it. That’s because it’s sort of an insider secret. Well, it used to be. Read more.

Tested: Ginsana Energy
Ginsana Energy is a natural supplement that comes from ginseng, an adaptogen. It is designed to increase your energy level and improve endurance, without sugar Read more.

Tested: SomaLife IQ150
I’m used to testing over-hyped fat loss supplements, electrolyte replacements, and physical performance enhancers. But this is the first time I’m testing a pill that’s Read more.

Tested: Greens Plus
Despite new “superfood” supplements being discovered (and advertised) every day, there’s one superfood product that has been around for years and isn’t going anywhere. It’s Read more.

Tested: VitaCost Mega EFA Omega-3 Fish Oil
Fish oil is one of those supplements where I’m happy to pay extra for high quality, but it sure wouldn’t hurt to find one that Read more.