If you were ever curious what kind of bike I am riding, here’s a list of them.

I wanted to put this on here because sometimes I refer to my bikes when I’m writing something, so this gallery will give you the full story…

(not pictured)

2014 BMC Fourstroke FS02 (Full Suspension Mountain Bike)

A fantastic bike for XC racing, especially the rough courses on the East Coast.

Carbon fiber frame. 29″ wheels, tubeless tires. Big hydraulic discs. 2×10 drivetrain.


(not pictured)

2009 Cannondale CAAD9 5

A nice, stiff aluminum racing steed.

The last year these were made in the USA (near where I grew up).

2×10 drivetrain.


(not pictured)

2008 Cannondale Scalpel Team

This was an amazing bike. I don’t think there is a better full-suspension XC racing machine.

26″ wheels. Full suspension. Lefty fork.

I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat.


coach levi specialized stumpjumper

2005 Specialized Stumpjumper Hardtail

This was my primary racing bike for XC mountain bike races for many years. I bought it late in 2005 after my beloved Giant XTC SE2 was stolen. 26″ wheels. Converted to tubeless.

3×9 drivetrain.

It’s a solid bike, quite a bit of fun. At the elite level, though, there was no keeping up with racers on full suspension.


coach levi trek 1500

2004 Trek 1500 Road Bike

That is my 2004 Trek 1500, which qualifies as a recreational road bike. It’s a typical aluminum road bike, but it happens to have a team paint job, so some people think it’s a carbon Madone or something. It is definitely not as light or as lively as one of those bikes, but it works.

I have to laugh when Bicycling categorizes any sub-$2500 bike as a recreational bike that is “good for club rides and maybe your first race.” I race this old thing and regularly beat people who are riding $5000 bikes.

This one was donated to charity once I purchased the Cannondale CAAD9.

(not pictured)

2001 Giant XTC SE2 Hardtail

This machine was my first ever racing bike, an aluminum hardtail with front suspension. I have the fondest memories of it, but unfortunately it was stolen.


(not pictured)

1998 Trek 800

This rigid steel bike was my first real mountain bike from a bike shop. I still have it.

Other than the frame and fork, everything has been replaced. (You don’t see many $300 bikes upgraded to Shimano XT components.)


I also have some BMX bikes and a collection of “antiques,” but we’ll save those for another day.