When it comes to obesity in America, everyone blames someone else – “I’m only fat because McDonald’s is down the corner” or “it’s not safe outside, my kids can’t leave the house.” Then when someone comes along and does something about it, what happens? They get ridiculed too!

That is exactly what is happening with the Wii, Nintendo’s latest video game console.

The Wii (pronounced “we”) is a revolution in the gaming industry due to the motion-sensing technology contained within the controller. Instead of just sitting still and twiddling your thumbs, you actually move the controller to simulate real-life motion in games like boxing, bowling, and tennis. You do not have to leave the couch, but most people get into the game, and end up moving around the room like they are actually out being active!

The problem is, sometimes being active can (gasp!) make you tired! While Nintendo is doing something good by encouraging sedentary gamers to exercise, many consumers are complaining of soreness and even cases of “Wii elbow” (the gamer version of tennis elbow).

Of course, not everyone is complaining, but there is enough widespread appeal to warrant an article in the Wall Street Journal. In the article, one of the avid gamers they interviewed was drenched in sweat after playing Wii boxing for 1.5 hours. Does anyone else see the problem? It is not the game, it is the fact that he jumped from nothing to an extended period of exercise. Anyone that boxes for an hour and a half is going to be sore!

What people need to remember is that after a long period of real-life boxing, they’d have more to worry about than aching shoulders. Think more along the lines of busted lips, broken noses, and concussions!

The other thing to think about is moderation. You need a balance in your life. Let the Wii be a lesson that you should NOT be playing video games for eight hours every day.

If you have a Wii and it is too strenuous for you, relax! Quit complaining about something that could save your life! Or if you want to be fat, just sit around, watch TV, and eat junk food. Whatever works for you.

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  1. im a guy.

  2. President Obama had this to say recently in a speech where he covered the obesity crisis in America:

    “It means going for a run or hitting the gym, and raising our children to step away from the video games and spend more time playing outside.”

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