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25+ Websites (And Apps) That Will Track Your Fitness and Weight Loss

Remember the days when you had to track all your workouts and food intake on paper? And you had to research calorie counts and do all your calculations separately? Now, tracking your fitness has never been easier. You can do it all online. There are more helpful

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My Stance on Research Studies (And Why I Don’t Like Them)

Do research studies annoy anyone else as much as they annoy me? I hardly ever mention research studies here on, and it’s highly unlikely I would ever alter my training or nutrition based on a single new study, no matter how promising it sounds. Don’t get

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Sitting At Work Increases Your Chance Of Dying – Are Cyclists In Trouble?!

Normally I ignore studies that make it into the mainstream media. They usually don’t amount to anything more than “if you eat junk food all day and don’t exercise, you are more likely to gain weight and suffer health complications.” But I was looking at some research

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Ask Levi: Rebounders and Mini Trampolines for Recovery?

Today’s question is about the possibility of using a mini trampoline (aka rebounder) for recovery purposes after hard workouts…

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Ask Levi: What About Cramps When Just Riding for Enjoyment?

In response to my big article about the real reason behind cramps, I got this question…

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Ask Levi: How Can I Treat This Cramp and Prevent Future Cramps?

Today’s question is about bad cramps that leave you sore for days and how to deal with them…

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The #1 Reason Behind Cramps That Everyone Ignores

Almost every single time someone asks about cramping, the answer I see is “stay hydrated and get more electrolytes.” Even if someone mentions they are already taking electrolyte supplements like Endurolytes, the answer is, “you probably need more electrolytes.” Here is the real deal on cramping…

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Fat Loss With The Primal Blueprint: My Experience and Results

You probably saw my review of The Primal Blueprint. Now here are my results from testing out the Primal fat loss diet…

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Soothe Your Aching Muscles With a Sea Salt Bath

As an endurance athlete, you’re probably looking for every possible way to soothe your sore muscles and recover faster. Lots of cyclists take ibuprofen and debate hot vs cold showers, but there isn’t as much talk about the sea salt bath.

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Dissecting FRS Energy Drink – What Makes It Work?

Looking for a cheaper alternative to expensive energy drinks like FRS? While I do like FRS Healthy Energy, it’s a bit on the expensive side, so let us look at the ingredients list and analyze them…

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Ask Levi: Why Do You Like Artificial Sweeteners?

Artificial sweeteners are controversial and probably dangerous. I do not recommend aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, or any other artificial sweeteners.

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Fish Oil Supplements Comparison Chart

Omega-3 fatty acids are such an important part of your diet, here is a quick comparison chart I made to compare various fish oil supplements, from your typical high-quality fish oil to the ultra pure, super expensive stuff…

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When To Weigh Yourself

Many dieters see the scale as their enemy, but it can actually be a good ally if you use it properly. Skip the “weigh yourself once per week” nonsense and put your scale to good use like this…

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Ask Levi: How Can I Cure My Heel Spurs?

If you are suffering from heel spurs or Plantar Fasciitis, here are a few remedies you can try to cure the problem or at least ease the pain…

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Ask Levi: Could Diet Drinks Be Causing My Bladder Infections?

Here we discuss the side effects of diet drinks and aspartame and a possible link to bladder infections, while deciding on a healthy diet…

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