Having your bike on your roof, uncovered, subjects your bike to all the elements. Definitely not something I like to do. But as much as I would love to keep my bike in the car at all times, it just doesn’t work that way. If I’m taking my bike somewhere, chances are I have other people or other equipment that needs to go inside. So, my bike is relegated to the roof rack or hitch rack.

When I take it off the roof rack, it’s covered in a lovely layer of bug guts!

There are some kinds of covers that are supposed to prevent this, but they also create huge drag (not so nice considering the current cost of gasoline…) and don’t protect from hard rain. But fortunately, there’s something else out there.

Something much cooler than the standard covers.

They are good looking, full-coverage skins for your bike. They actually cover the whole thing and zip around it for extra protection.

They’re called Cuckoo Covers and they’re meant to be form-fitting bicycle covers For roof rack transport. You can see the images at www.cuckoobicyclecovers.com.

But wow are they expensive!

[Note: I haven’t used these or even seen them in real life, but I wanted to share because it’s an interesting idea.]
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  1. They are expensive, but they’ll protect you’re bike which is far more expensive. And like you said, standard covers will cost a lot in gas.

  2. I looked at these covers and the first thing that caught my mind was “side wind.” Ever gone over a high bridge and get caught in a side wind blast out of nowhere? This thing adds more surface area to your vehicle for that wind to blow you around.

    I’m not saying don’t get it. But if you do, please be aware of that phenomenon.

  3. I never even thought about the cross wind problem with these covers, good thinking!

    It’s just like using a disc wheel during a windy time trial. A cross wind could be really problematic with your entire vehicle and bicycle presented a “wall” to any cross wind.

  4. Site is a broken link?? 🙁 How do I contact the manufacturers website for the creation of this cover? In my hometown there’s a lot of rain and as I have an expensive mtb that I don’t like to expose to the elements i do however want to keep it dry on my rack! ANY suggestions??

  5. @DK

    Well, I’ve never seen the need for a mountain bike cover, considering the bike is supposed to hold up to extreme rain, mud, etc. But if you want to keep it pristine, keep it inside your car.

    But the site link works fine for me. They list their phone number as 1-888-568-1536 if you still can’t access their site.

  6. The site is up, I just purchased mine. Great for a hitch bike rack.

  7. This product is a waste of time and money. First of all, the covers are not form fitting unless you have rather large Bicycle. I ordered a size regular for a 53cm Cyclocross bike and there was excess material hanging all over the place. The second time out with the cover I stopped and took the bike off the roof only to find that the zippers had deteriorated and fallen off. The cross winds were terrible and caused much unwanted front end lift of the vehicle, making handling poor at best. I had contacted the company for a refund, was told where to ship the covers, the information which was to be included with them ( just my phone number ) I was specifically told I would not need an invoice number. I went ahead and wrote down all the details pertinent to the sale and name on the credit card. Tracked my package and hoped for a reply. After calling and leaving them a message, not receiving a reply I waited a few days and called again. This time I got through to someone who told me that he for some reason could not help me without an invoice number. However when I had placed the order they had no problem obtaining my order information with just a name. About this time is when I start getting frustrated since I had bought two cover and wanted my $360 back ( and say goodbye to the $40 wasted on shipping ). After asking to speak to a supervisor he replied that one was not available. I mentioned to him the note which I was told to put in the package which he then decided he could find my information, but would have to call me back. Acting much too busy to handle the situation. Going on and on about the success of their company as though it made a difference in this case. I’m currently waiting for a phone call from someone, whom I do not have a name for since getting one is no easy task. Where my money is I am unsure and still waiting for that refund. The customer service is extremely poor, the product is a good idea yet overall inferior quality. A better way to spend $180 is find a cheap bike you don’t care about getting damaged and travel with it.

    I read reviews for products frequently and usually sum up someones bad experiences to being uneducated about the product which they are using. As much the same, if you are questioning my ability in this instance you should factor in that I am a professional Bicycle Mechanic and Certified Automotive Technician.

  8. Well, it sure sounds like the company has nothing good going for them other than a neat idea.


    Thanks for adding your feedback! Sorry to hear about your experience though.

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