How many communities out there regularly band together to fight for a fallen comrade?

I posed this question to myself over the weekend after reading an email from fellow webmaster “Ultra Rob” about the current situation with one of cycling’s most enjoyable voices – “The Fat Cyclist.”

You can get the latest news on the touching story at, and you can read the news from Ultra Rob here.

Peruse the stories above, and if you need to buy any cycling gear today, take a look through Ultra Rob’s store, as some of the proceeds from sales will be put towards the Fat Cyclist “Susan’s WIN” Fund.

But back to the question… after mulling it over, I think a lot of communities, especially in the sports world, really band together in the time of crisis. It’s probably because we can all see ourselves in the same situation.

Someone had a nasty crash or got hit by a car? That could happen to any of us, any day. From recreational riders to professional downhillers like Tara Llanes, the possibility exists, and we can only hope and pray for the best.

All the while hoping that there are cyclists out there willing to help in the time of need… From what I’ve seen, these kind people are definitely out there.

Another example I wanted to point out today is a blog from CDF Networks, where Chad is starting something called the “1 For Charity Blogger Challenge” which is all about bloggers supporting charity in a small but powerful way. Chad posts business and marketing tips on the CDF Networks blog, but the real reason to check it out is that he is a fellow mountain biker!

Right now is basically a free resource, but you’ll see some more charitable features here in the future. One thing you may have seen is that I also write for a website called Squidoo (now HubPages.) Squidoo shares a portion of their revenue with their authors, and authors can choose to take that money or donate it straight to a charity of their choice.

Since I write a lot about cycling and sports nutrition, I naturally chose to have Squidoo donate my earnings straight to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

And don’t forget to read: 8 Great Bicycle-Related Charities You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Or of course you can always make your own donations to the charity of your choice 🙂

Thanks for reading this Public Service Announcement and be sure to come back tomorrow when we return to our regularly scheduled cycling training, racing, and nutrition advice!

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  1. “1 For Charity Blogger Challenge” sounds like a great program, I’m going to check it out more. I’ve created a program on my new site to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For every blogger that writes a review of their hosting company before 30/11/08, I’m pledging to donate $2 to Make-A-Wish. Come write a review at and I’ll make a donation.

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