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The Best Gifts for Fit Moms and Endurance Athletes! (Just in Time for Mother’s Day 2018)

Mother’s Day is a day to say thanks to your mom, for raising you, and thanks to all moms, because they do so much for the good of everyone! Mother’s Day 2018 is coming up on Sunday, May 13. That’s only three weeks away! It’s time to

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5 Halloween Costumes Perfect for Cyclists!

It’s really tough to find a good Halloween costume you can wear while riding your bike. It can’t get caught in your chain, it has to fit under or over your helmet, and you have to be able to see out of it when in riding position.

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The 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide (For The Dad Who Rides and Runs!)

Not only is today Father’s Day, it’s also the first day of summer! So everyone should have a reason to celebrate! If that means presents, then here are some excellent Father’s Day gift ideas that are also perfectly timed for the summer! It’s great to have a

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Ask Levi: What’s the Best Cartridge Razor?

Today’s question is about finding the best cartridge razor out there, both for best shave and best value… Hi Levi. You seem to know razors and shaving cream. I don’t want a DE razor. So, out of all the cartridge razors you may have tried, in your

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Ask Levi: How to Deal With Bullying at School After Shaving My Legs?

Today’s question is from a high school boy who shaved his legs for swimming, and things aren’t going so well now… Ethan writes: I have a leg hair issue. I shaved my leg hair for swimming bcuz it apparently makes us swim better. Ppl are now making

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‘Twas Two Weeks Before Black Friday

As of this morning, I almost have my Christmas shopping done for one person. But hey, it’s not even Black Friday yet. So instead of actually doing any shopping, I’m going to procrastinate even more by writing a poem.   A Visit from St. Nashbar by Coach

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How to List (and Sell) Your Old Gear On

I love getting new gear, but there are two problems. First, it’s expensive! Second, I don’t have a whole lot of storage space, so if I’m getting new stuff, I’ll have to get rid of something older to make room! Ideally, getting rid of older gear can

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Back-To-School Shopping For Endurance Athletes: 8 Products Your Kids Will Love

You know how people hate having a birthday near Christmas, because then the two holidays get lumped together? Well, you know what’s just as bad? Having a birthday during “back to school” shopping season. Yep, my birthday presents were generally school clothes and a fresh pair of

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An Embarrassing But Necessary Guide to Yoga Clothes for Men

Typical yoga clothes are worse for men than skin-tight lycra. We’re used to dressing like fools on the bike, but not in a gym crowded with others! It’s still sort of embarrassing for men to even show up to a yoga studio, let alone go shopping for

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How to Get The Best Deals on

Here is my complete guide to getting the best deals on cycling gear at This 5-step guide is filled with tips and tricks to save you money! Get started reading now and you’ll be saving money in no time…

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Special Deal for Readers: 15% Off at the Store!

If you like FRS Healthy Energy, you are in luck. Check this out for an exclusive coupon code that will get you 15% off your order at, just for being a loyal reader…

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Ask Levi: Could a Tire Pump Force an Air Bubble Into My Bloodstream?

Is it possible to force an air bubble into your bloodstream by spraying yourself with compressed air or using a tire pump? Here is the truth…

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4 “One at a Time” Deals on Athletic Gear

If you are looking for good deals on cycling and outdoor gear, check out these Woot-like sites with deep discounts for a very limited time. These specialty retailers are ChainLove, Steep and Cheap, Whiskey Militia, and Tramdock.

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Bicycles + Nude Women = Perfect College Dorm Room Poster

August is here and that means back to school for all collegiate racers. Still need the perfect poster for your dorm room? I have found it!

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Coach Levi Featured on is now featured on, a collection of all the top websites on the net. Check it out in AllTop Cycling.

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