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When you hear the term "powerlifting" thrown around, do you just assume it means lifting weights? Think it's similar to bodybuilding? Powerlifting is actually a

I can't add in a section about powerlifting without a few words of warning... The Dangers of Powerlifting Like any sport, powerlifting can be dangerous,

Are you on the fence about beginning powerlifting? Well, listen up! Whether you want to improve athletic performance, compete in powerlifting, or just get strong,

The squat is the first lift you do at a powerlifting meet, and that's good, because it's also the most taxing on your entire body!

Time to bypass the weight racks and benches and get down to business. We're talking about the deadlift, where it's just you, the barbell, and

The bench press is easily the most popular exercise, with everyone from high school athletes to internet warriors asking, "how much you bench?" Unfortunately, not

There are two white, powdery substances very popular with powerlifters: chalk and baby powder. Chalk, which is common in weight lifting as well as rock

Diet and nutrition aren't popular topics in the powerlifting world. The thinking is usually along the lines of this: "Hey, this isn't a figure competition,

Ready to get started powerlifting? Here's a guide to everything you need! From weights to shoes to chalk, it's covered. Preparing Your Home Gym If

Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting share some similarities, but each sport is unique. This article will explain the differences between them and why you might want

If you plan to do any serious powerlifting this off-season, you'll want to follow some type of program. Here's a look at three of the