This page is about energy bars. It will have a description of energy bars and why you might want to use them.

Energy bars are a convenient way to take in calories while you are competing or training, usually running or bicycling. They are meant to provide a large amount of calories (mostly carbohydrates) to working muscles in as little volume as possible.

So it’s much easier to carry an energy bar with you than normal food, which is not as calorie-dense. It also goes down faster. That’s really what it’s about – convenience. When training, you’re not eating food for enjoyment; you’re eating food for fuel. It’s more of an inconvenience than anything.

Energy bars should not be used as meal substitutes during a normal meal. They are no substitute for a healthy, well-balanced diet. (See: Energy Bars Aren’t Meant to Be Real Food.)

So when I review energy bars, I’m usually looking for high calories, plenty of carbohydrates, and more. I still favor more natural energy bars (few artificial ingredients and minimal processing,) but what I look for in an energy bar is not what I look for in normal health food.

Here are my energy bar reviews:

PowerBar Performance Bar

The original energy bar.

PowerBar Energize Bar

Similar to the original PowerBar, but with more tropical and fruity flavors. A slightly different texture, but overall, just a variation.

Clif Bar

The only bar I know of based on brown rice syrup. Clif Bars usually taste great.

Hammer Bar

A tasty, natural energy bar offering up quite a bit of fat and protein along with the carbohydrates. Actually based on almond butter.


The Lara Bar is a healthy, natural energy bar composed mainly of figs or dates, plus pieces of nuts and dried fruit.

Solo GI Bar

The Solo GI bar is made to be low on the Glycemic Index, hence the “GI” in the name.

Detour Energy Bar

A very, very good tasting energy bar with a nice texture as well.

Peak Bar “Breakfast to Go”

Dr. Will Bar

A fairly natural, unprocessed energy bar with a nice taste.

Kashi Crunchy GoLean Protein and Fiber Bar

Kashi GoLean Chewy Protein and Fiber Bar

Kashi GoLean Roll

Balance BARE Bar

Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar

A raw, natural energy bar. Healthy and good tasting.

Archer Farms Fruit Bars

Much like a healthier version of a Fruit Roll-Up.

Nutra-Fig Cheetah Bar

Interesting energy bar at a good price.

Zoe’s Bar

Mt.-n-Man Chia Bar

Caribou Coffee Granola Bars

Forze GPS Bar

An innovative energy bar meant to control your appetite between meals. Tastes pretty good, too.