Today’s question is about getting a new road bike to ride for getting in shape and getting into racing

Hi, I was just hoping you could help me decide on a bike. I am deciding between a Giant TCR A1 and a Gary Fisher ARC Super. Both are about the same price. I’m looking for something to get in shape on and race with. Please send me some advice, I am really new to biking.

New Neil

Hi Neil,

Welcome to biking – I hope you like it! (I know I do!)

As for the bikes – both the Giant and Gary Fisher look good for general riding and are more than capable of doing some racing. I can’t see anything wrong with either one.

For general fitness riding, all you need is a bike that fits comfortably. For getting into racing, you just need fitness and a bike that isn’t broken. So I think either bike would fit your needs.

When the decision comes down to two similar bikes like this, the deciding factor should be the test ride. Have the shop give you a quick fitting on each bike and then take a few short test rides. Chances are, one of the bikes will just feel like a better choice for you. That’s the one to get!

In the odd chance that you like both bikes equally, even after test riding both, there are two ways left to decide. You could either buy the cheaper one, or pick the one in the color you like better.

If you’re still uneasy about the decision, you can do what I do, and that is to use your imagination. Pick a bike and pretend that you bought it. Envision it sitting in your garage, and envision riding it each day. If you still like that bike, get it. If you get an uneasy feeling (like buyer’s remorse,) get the other bike.

In the end, you can always be happy just by the fact that you have a bike to ride!

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