No, not ice, ICE.

It stands for “In Case of Emergency.”

I was just reading about this in Bicycle Retailer. If you carry a cell phone with you on your rides, will anyone know who to contact if you’re in an accident? (it wouldn’t hurt to carry another form of ID, but that’s another story…)

They will if you put “ICE” in your contacts and then have the phone number of a close friend or relative. Supposedly rescue workers and/or paramedics are being trained to look for this. (i.e. if they find you along the road unconscious, they will open up your phone and look for a contact named ICE that they can call.)

It only takes a minute to do – be safe!

I’d also suggest wearing a helmet, and perhaps investing in a Road ID, but that’s a story for another day!

Update: This feature is actually being built-in to most new cell phones for 2007 and beyond.

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  1. This is true. My brother is a cop and he said this to me about when I ride. Definately recommended.

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