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Ask Levi: What Do Numbers On Chainrings Mean?

Today we have a simple question about chainrings on road bikes, including the advantages and disadvantages of standard and compact cranksets…

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Ask Levi: Which New Road Bike for Getting in Shape and Racing?

Today’s question is about getting a new road bike to ride for getting in shape and getting into racing, and deciding between two bikes…

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How to Get Dropped – With Style!

Not too long ago, I wrote about how to conserve energy so you could ride in a fast group and not get dropped. But what do you do if you’re in the really fast group, and you do get dropped? Here’s the answer from Greg Lemond…

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Ask Levi: Can I Use a Hydration Pack for Road Cycling?

The reason you’re seeing hydration packs designed for mountain bikers is because mountain bikers are the ones wearing hydration packs. Most road cyclists simply use water bottles, but some do use hydration packs, so you can find a good hydration pack for use on the road…

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How To Ride In The Fast Group – Without Getting Dropped!

So you want to ride with the A group, but afraid you’ll get dropped? You certainly need a good level of fitness to ride with these guys, but group ride tactics are just as important as race tactics!

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Why A Geared Bike Makes For Better Training Than a Fixed Gear

Every time I talk about using fixed gear track bikes for training purposes (and why it’s pointless,) I am met with more and more arguments why you should use a fixed gear for training. So let’s tackle some more debate on geared bikes vs fixed gear bikes…

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How To Set Up Rollers

Did you just pick up some rollers for the coming winter, or indoor riding season? Great choice! Now you just need to set them up to ride…

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How To Stay Upright When The Road Tries To Knock You Down

While mountain bikers face the obvious obstacles (rocks, logs, mud pits, etc.) out on the trail, there are plenty of dangers out there on the pavement, too. Here’s how to stay upright no matter what the road throws at you…

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The Dreaded Dropped Chain – And How To Prevent It!

A dropped chain poses serious problems for all cyclists. Not only is it annoying, dropping a chain can damage your frame, especially if it is full carbon. And if it happens during a race, you just lost! Here is what to do…

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How to Fix a Dropped Chain – Without Stopping!

If you drop the chain onto the bottom bracket shell or off the big ring, or maybe you get chainsuck, here is how to take care of it. You can even get the chain back onto the chainring without stopping…

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Ask Levi: Can I Mix and Match Drivetrain Parts?

You can mix and match components from different Shimano groups. Here is how…

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Ask Levi: Why Are My Feet Hitting The Wheel When I Turn?

Let’s look at what you can do if you have the problem where your feet hit your front tire (due to toe overlap) when you turn…

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How to Wash, Re-lube, and Polish Your Bike

Every so often, you take your road bike out in wet, dirty conditions. And it needs cleaned. Here is how to clean, degrease, lube, and polish your bike…

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Ask Levi: Will Upgrading Tires Actually Make a Difference?

Upgrading tires on your road bike makes a big performance difference for a low price. Here is why…

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Ask Levi: Chamois Colors and a Sore Butt?

Ever wondered about the mystery of chamois colors? Or about why your butt is sore? Check this discussion of chamois and saddle issues…

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