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How to Do a Track Stand

A very useful skill for both road and mountain bikers is the track stand. A track stand is when you balance the bicycle in place, keeping your feet on the pedals. Here is how to do it…

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Ask Levi: Carbon Water Bottle Holders?

Today’s question is about finding a good carbon water bottle holder that holds the bottle well and isn’t too flimsy…

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Ask Levi: Can I Change Gears to MegaRange?

Today’s question is about switching to a Mega Range cassette on a road bike…

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Ask Levi: How to Place Rear Tire on Stationary Trainer?

Today’s questions are about how to place your rear tire on rollers and stationary trainers…

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Ask Levi: Do I Need a 130mm Crankset Replacment?

Today we have a question about upgrading to a new crankset on your road bike and getting the correct size…

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How to Look Behind You and Still Ride In a Straight Line

Beginning riders may have difficulty riding in a straight line, maintaining pace, and looking back (to check traffic, other racers, etc.) at the same time. Here are some tips to do it…

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How to Stretch While Riding

Sometimes your body seizes up when hunched over for hours on end, and some stretches make you feel a ton better. I don’t like to stop and lose my rhythm, so I do a few light stretches while still rolling along…

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5 Universal Hand Signals For Group Bike Rides

Most riders know that they should learn how to ride in a paceline before joining a group ride, but is that all? Nope. There is at least one other thing you should know – hand signals…

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Ask Levi: How Much Mileage Do I Need Before a Century?

Today’s question is about how often and how many miles you need to ride to train for a century or other bike ride…

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5 Simple Ways To Ride Safely In City Traffic (That Might Save Your Life)

As a cyclist, you will eventually find yourself riding downtown in traffic. I try to avoid these areas, but when you’re putting in some serious miles, it’s hard to avoid all the time. Here’s what to do…

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Ask Levi: What Sunglasses Keep Wind Out?

Today’s question is about finding sunglasses that keep wind out of your eyes when riding your bike…

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Ask Levi: What’s Your Favorite Sub-$200 Repair Stand?

Today’s question is about choosing a bike repair stand that costs under $200….

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5 Rules to Riding a Paceline

While a flowing paceline looks like a lot of fun, you can’t just jump in and go for it. Riding in a paceline successfully requires multiple skills and constant alertness. Here’s how to get ready…

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Ask Levi: Should I Trade In My Hybrid for a Road Bike?

Today’s question is about using a hybrid for road riding and if it will be sufficient, or if a full-fledged road bike would be better…

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Ask Levi: What Do Numbers On Chainrings Mean?

Today we have a simple question about chainrings on road bikes, including the advantages and disadvantages of standard and compact cranksets…

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