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Ask Levi: Any Flat-Resistant Tires Suitable for Racing and Training?

Today’s question is about finding some tough, flat-resistant tires that can be used for racing and training…

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Base Layers: What, When, and Why

Everyone is talking about base layers. But what exactly is a base layer? And when do you wear one? Find out here…

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How to Shift Shimano STI Levers

Not sure how to shift the Shimano STI integrated brake and shift levers on your road bike? No problem. It looks complicated, but once you see what the levers do, it’s not bad at all…

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Ask Levi: Why Do My Legs Get Tired After The First Rest Stop?

Today’s question is about your legs getting tired after a rest stop…

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Why Your Clothes Stink – And What to Do About It

Do you ever dread group rides because you know at least one person is going to stink? Or worse – do you ever dread putting on your own cycling kit because it stinks so bad? Here’s what you can do to fix it…

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Ask Levi: Can I Go Faster With Skinny Tires on My Hybrid?

Today’s question is about putting skinnier road tires on a hybrid bicycle in order to go faster and keep up with the road bikers…

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Ask Levi: Proper Road Bike Position… Flat Back or Rounded Back?

Today’s question is about flat backs and road bike riding position…

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How To Clean Your Sunglasses Properly

You may have spent $200 or more on your sunglasses, so you probably want to keep them clean. Here’s how to clean your sunglasses properly…

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5 Easy Ways to Wreck When Riding a Paceline

Most riders choose to ride in a paceline to share the work and achieve a faster overall speed. But it seems some sadistic riders only enter pacelines because they enjoy a good crash that leaves all their skin on the pavement…

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Ask Levi: Shin Splints from Road Cycling?

Today’s question is about how you could get shin splints from cycling rather than the more common culprit, running…

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Ask Levi: Do I Need to Scuff and Clean Tires Before Riding?

Today’s question is about breaking in brand new bicycle tires before your first ride…

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Ask Levi: Do I Need a Cyclocross Bike or a Hybrid for Riding Road and Rail Trails?

Today’s question is about choosing between a cyclocross bike and a hybrid for rail trails and road riding…

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Ask Levi: Numb Fingers on Brake Levers?

Today’s question is about your fingers on the brake levers getting numb while road cycling…

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5 Simple Bike Fit Tips You Can Change at Home

Getting a professional bicycle fitting is extremely important if you’ll be putting in tons of miles. But if you’re just a casual cyclist getting started, you can get a good fit at home with these simple tips…

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Ask Levi: Numbness When Riding Rollers, But Just Fine Outside?

Today’s question is about why you could get numbness while riding inside on rollers, even though it’s the same bike used outside without any problems…

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